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Fantastic music school with excellent teachers who are dedicated to their students. Highly recommend!

Great teachers friendly environment my boys really like their lessons

Very professional response to my inquiries; thorough explanation of what they could offer me. It was easy and quick to set up a schedule that worked for me. I was really impressed by the physical components of the building: nice size rooms, bright, cheerful atmosphere. It’s a very welcoming

We've had a great experience with Johnstonbaugh's. My son's bass guitar instructor, Dave, is absolutely wonderful. He inspires my son to do his best and has fueled his passion for music. You can tell that Dave really wants to help children grow and learn.

The place is very nice, very pleasant. Staff very pleasant. I take piano lessons, I have a learning disability, but I have a very good teacher. Carly is very patient with me and I have learned so much. This year I will be in my first recital.

Great business with real commitment to music education!

Our son started ukulele lessons last year with Ryan. We have been extremely happy with the lessons he is getting. He has learned so much. He loves it!!! All the staff are extremely helpful and kind. Thank you for all you do.

I have had nothing but good experiences at Deluca since I starting going frequently in March. I have purchased books and equipment for woodwind instruments (I play sax, flute and clarinet). I also recommended a friend of mine to buy a new clarinet there and they gave him a fantastic deal on

I love that my son found his passion AND he's getting a real education in modern music. If it weren't for School of Rock, he'd just be annoying the neighbors from the garage!

Awesome facility, teachers and engineers.

Joe Rossi is a fantastic vocal teacher. I have experienced first hand the success he has achieved with his students. He takes great pride and care in assessing and attaining the individual needs of the student. I highly recommend vocalists of any level to schedule a meeting with Joe.

Great organization, they do many things in the community

My daughter took lessons with Miss Veneroso for several years, in SC, before she moved away. She was a lot of fun and kept my daughter interested, but she also made sure she focused on the fundamentals. Miss Veneroso was tough on my daughter when needed, but she did it in a way that kept

Rick Nelson's song Garden Party says "can't please everyone so got to please yourself." Beams Music has serviced the Tri-county area for 77 years, providing quality instruction, service, and rentals for almost four generations. We make every effort to satisfy our valued customers but there

I would not send my children here.

My kids study with Scott and absolutely love him. They look forward to their lessons every week and are continually improving.

Was pleasantly surprised with the down to earth and professional skills of my teacher. Was real knowledgeable in different types of music. Made the lessons fun and productive too...what else is there to say..had a great time..thanks.

Great place to take lessons! Very friendly staff. Check it out.

"I love the flexibility! We used to sit in the car in all kinds of weather for 45 minutes while my son took his lesson - we wasted so much time. We used to rush around trying to get to lessons right from school or trying to fit in homework. Music Reach offers the convenience of having lessons

This is a excellent way to get contact with people. I really like this band and had a hard time getting there contact information. Thanks!

Esther was a pleasure to work with and her playing was beautiful. She took the time to practice with our pianist and soloist prior to the wedding so that the group pieces sounded great and her solo pieces added a wonderful touch to our wedding. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking

I LOVE THE MET! This place is awesome for private music instruction! There isn't another place like it. They have the best keyboards too! Yamaha PSR-S700, Yamaha Motif 8, Yamaha XS6, Boss 1600 Digital Recorder, Hammond Organ, Acoustic Piano, Pro-Line Sound Equipment, Lighting, - When you take

I have been a student of a few music schools over the years, and without a doubt Silver Music Studios has been the best of them. The teachers all have a great deal of experience, and the lessons are completely personalized to my interests and playing level.

My daughter has taken dance classes at this studio for six years. She is extremely happy there. She looks forward to her dance nights. The teachers are all friendly and encouraging to all students regardless of ability. The dance routines are age appropriate - NO HOOTCHIE dances at competitions

My husband and I stopped here and were delighted to find great live music. The musicians were the very talented students of the adjacent Hunt's Music School - we were told a once a year event. The teaching staff played as well, all very professional. I was told that this is not a regular occurance

The Conservatory of Music and Dance is an outstanding program in existence for 17 years. All previous productions have been double casted with many leads. Teachers have outstanding teaching experience and many of the students have went into the many professions in the arts. Some students come

I've been going to Top Ten for over a dozen years and you wont find better service anywhere. They make you feel like family and they are above and beyond fair with their prices and offers for used equipment. Chris (the owner) is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and he is all about keeping

The Piano Academy's principal instructor is an absolutely FABULUOS pianist, and teaches with real care and patience. My daughter has already developed a wonderful playing style and a musical ear.

I have been sending my daughters to COMAD for five years now and have been completely satisfied with their lessons, scheduling, well-run and organized recitals, overall level of professionalism, and the quality of the teachers. I do run into parents over the years occassionly that have complained

Most music lessons bore children and they have to be forced to go and practice. Not the Rock School, my kids actually want to pay for an extra lesson on their own. This experience has helped my children (who are not athletic and do not play team sports) how to work as a team. The results in

Excellent! nice people who really know their music. -Joe

The place I go to get the best buying advice, guitar setups and amp or guitar service.acoustic or electric i always know I am getting the best work and attention.

Diane is a talented, personable teacher who is dedicated to helping each student achieve their personal best. Her love of music and dedication to teaching is obvious. She is definitely a cut above the rest. Her rates are reasonable and she even offers a family discount so that her services

There is a young teacher there that is super hot! has tattoos, nose ring, and the whole nine. :) anyone know his name?

Doug's removed a very large maple tree at my patterson twp home, his service was excellent as this tree had houses, garages, landscaping & powerlines near it. I now know why they call his service a League of Extraordinary Trimmers because they are! thanks Doug. the kramers

Good Teacher.He taught at Berkley and is works very well with studentd of all ages.