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My daughter has been taking violin lessons with Miss Mary since she was almost four years old. We moved out of cherry hill area when she was six. However my daughter insisted to continue violin lessons with Miss Mary, so we have been traveling an hour one way every week for her lesson (but

My daughter is beaming every time she works with Mary! She continues to grow with each lesson, instrumental and with her character.

Great environment for learning through collaboration and performance!

I love this place, they teach piano very well and have infinite free tootsie rolls.

I love how the instructors are genuinely interested in my children as people as well as musicians. They see each child as an individual and find the best ways to connect with them. Additionally, I really appreciate how my girls are challenged and encouraged to move out of their comfort zones.

I took lessons here 20 years ago. Glad to see they are still in business. If nothing has changed, then you can't go wrong taking lessons there. Gary and his instructors were always top notch.

We love School of Rock. My 12 year old daughter just finished her 5th show, AC/DC, it was a blast. Teachers are terrific, the current staff is so helpful, friendly and attentive. Highly recommend if your child enjoys music of any kind.

I signed my boys (ages 8 and 9) up for guitar lessons here after seeing an ad in my Facebook newsfeed. I really had nothing to go on, so I had no idea how good it would be. They have lessons with Adam, who is fantastic. I just love the way he communicates with them. He's super professional

I have been taking guitar lessons for two years now And I love it. My teacher Brian is very nice and very understanding And is able to simplify things such as the notes And the cords by writing them out using numbers because I am dyslexic. The owner of the studio Gary Is a very nice guy also.

I took voice lessons from Andrew and now I love to sing, I can't stop. I love music but Andrew gave me the gift of singing which I shall always thank him for.

We loved his class, very flexible, and knows the Craft of Music very well. He moved to New Jersey, my daughter learned a lot about tone, rhythm. He introduced her to very technical books... now at 17 she is going to College to pursue Music. She is performing solo in a concerto, for Violin and

I've been going to Lincroft Music since 2010, when it was called Lesson Laboratory. They changed names a few years back, and have added more instruments over the years. I've been taking guitar for many years with Lucien, and also now take voice. Everything is top notch and I have learned SO

I isn't often that I run across someone who truly loves what they do - music isn't Andrew's job, it's his life. His love of music is an inspiration and is transferred to his students. His enthusiasm, patience, gentleness and encouragement produce amazing results. My children have been working

My daughter is currently a student and he is a wonderful teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. She had her first recital last week and I am hoping many more to come. Its been a pleasure working with Mr. Baker.

Mr. Andrew Baker was my son's music teacher for Piano, Guitar and Drums when he was in Spring Hill, FL. He taught him the best anyone has ever taught. We were very sorry that he moved away and would like for him to have continued his wonderful teaching. He will be a great asset for New Jersey

My son has been taking drum lessons with Andrew for several months now and has done wonderful. Andrew is not only a talented musician but a great teacher as well. I was inspired, so I decided at take up the violin, at age 50. Working with me might have taken more patience than working with

I've been with Bob for a while. He is a true musician, and a true educator. DEFINITELY a great investment. My playing has improved tremendously.

Owners are very rude.

I have seen many families leave unhappy. There is an underlying culture here where parents are afraid to speak up for fear of their child not having a spot light moment, there is favoritism and if you dare speak up they will literally tell you we wish you well but would rather not have your

Jeff has been teaching my son the guitar for two years now. While my son has some musical experience he had never had any formal training prior to Jeff teachings. It is truly almost unbelievable how much my son has learned from Jeff. My son's ability to read music, hear music and most of

I got an electric guitar for my 17th birthday and wanted lessons. I learned how to play Green Day my first lesson and from there I was hooked. I know more chords now than I ever imagined and can play so many songs that I know. The course is made to be fun so I am learning to read music and

I used to bring my two children to a local music store for piano lessons. I wasn't happy there because there was no quality control over the teacher there. Lesson Laboratory is was I was always looking for to bring my boys to for the highest quality music education, from people who really care.

My daughter loves her piano lessons now. She's learning songs that she actually knows and loves which makes her want to practice without me or her father asking her to. She used to take piano in a store, and the place and the teacher just weren't working for her. Now she has fun, looks forward

The convient location is graet. I can take my piano lesson while the kids are in school at St. Leos in the school year. I have a grand piano in my living room no one plays, so I started lessons myself. I have been coming for 2 months, and already play songs for my family that they know, so

Easy to get to with lots of parking available. A couple of years ago I moved to Flanders NJ and I still drive my daughter in to class at the JCDA. She loves it.

RUDE OWNER. Beware if you are cancelling the class!. Our daughter was taking a few classes. When we wanted to cancel the voice class, we called the receptionist. But after a few months, to our horror, we saw the credit card being charged for several months for the supposedly canceled class,

I truly love this place. My children will grow up with life long memories of dancing, rehearsals, and musicals. No other place offers such a show for my children. No boring, long recitals. Even my husband and son love to watch their musicals. Once you come here, you'll know there's no other

Very good little music shop in downtown Westfield. Has been there forever it seems and instructors are excellent. They have musical instrument instructions from brass, to strings, to piano. My daughter is there for violin and she loves it. Place is not modern looking, but neither is Westfield

Tony Racciatti has a top-notch studio with fine instruments for sale and lessons for all musicians at all levels.

#1 for piano instruction!: my kids love mrs. gallagher and look forward to their lessons every week.they are continually making progress and its great to hear them playing music in our home!

A great culture. If you are looking for a place to cultivate or explore your child's/children's talents in Music and Dance - this is the place. This is like 2nd home to my daughter. She's been in this place since age 5. She's now 13.

Their selection is sub par and the people that work there are pretentious jerks. I went in there to ask them advice on what strings I should get, and the clerk treated me like I was an idiot. Hey, sorry to disturb you, guy, I sure feel stupid for thinking that a music store was a good place

The Conservatory of Musical Arts is a wonderful place for music lessons. They offer private lessons for pratically all instruments and all their teachers are professionally trained with degrees in preformance art. You cannot go wrong with this school!

We are open for music lessons.we would like to get goin' the way we used to be. please e-mail with your memories, thoughts and interests.everyone has angel-abillities,share yours

This is a wonderful school. Ed Rose is an extremely knowledgeable and caring vocal coach. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking voice or piano lessons.

I still can't believe I can learn to play piano and cool songs so quickly! Phred Piano Expression's Fun & Easy method is great for both adults & kids.

I found these guys a little over a year ago and I'm hooked. A great group of guys. If you like to sing, you will love this group.

Nick is very knowledgeable and makes sure you learn everything the right way.

We love everything you do! You always make us feel like part of your family! And you've done for our kids is unbelievable! Thank You!

Very professional audio & video production services. Amazing quality and friendly service. My projects are always top-notch and I don't even have to leave South Jersey!

Mrs. Meisels is an outstanding piano teacher who will broaden and enrich your experience playing the piano. She is a fun but serious teacher who will require the student's effort. If you are serious about piano she is one of the best teachers anywhere to call.

To anyone thinking of taking Drum Lessons in central NJ, I started playing drums and taking a serious interest in music around 7th grade. I was taking lessons through a local facility which, to say the least, skipped much of what was necessary to have a good technical foundation. Up until high

Best music instruction around. I am very happy and relieved to have found my music teacher Jim. I've taken lessons elsewhere in the past and I wasn't happy with the results and environment. Swedesboro Music Studio is a family owned music studio that offers private/one-on-one instruction in

I am thrilled to be able to write a review for such a wonderful school. I am surprised there are not more written here! AEDE is hands down the most comfortable I have felt in a dance studio in a long time. The atmostphere is calm and friendly and Anita and Frank could not be more lovely. The