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My son absolutely loves his piano lessons with Miss Amanda! He comes out from his lessons excited and eager to learn more! He has been playing for a year and I can see his progress everyday!

My four year old daughter decided, on her own, that she wanted to take ballet. Veksler is near us and it had good reviews so we gave it a try. We are greeted so kindly every time we arrive at class by the front office. Miss Poon is an absolute magical fairy. Who else could have the patience

My son has been taking violin lessons from Erik for seven months now, and we are so impressed with his teaching. He is knowledgeable, patient, and an excellent communicator. He is serious about what needs to be learned, and he has a fun sense of humor to go along with it ~ great qualities in

My 5 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons from Dr Tarina for a few months. She adores the classes, has learned so much, and looks forward every week to coming. The studio is clean, professional, and very encouraging. Dr Tarina has so much enthusiasm coupled with amazing knowledge

Michael is the second piano teacher my son has. Before we switched teacher, my son had been going to another piano teacher for 5 years. He had been asking me when he could stop going for his piano lessons. We ended up switching to Michael. Michael is enthusiastic about teaching young

She has a very gentle teaching style for the smaller kids. We love taking lessons from her!!

The best piano teacher I ever had and I have had many. I am 40 yrs old and love playing the piano. Michael has been teaching me for 1 yr. now and I have advance so much! Thank you Michael!

Amy is well known for her positive teaching methods, which encourage her students to want to continue for many years, with their guitar playing. I have never seen an unhappy student head towards her studio within Coast, or out!

Our family has been going to teVelde for over four years, with our now eight and nine year old children. Their instruction, personal attention and relationship with children is unmatched. My children look forward to their lessons, as they love their instructors Sierra and Emily. They cater

Music and More Arts Academy has served Auburn for over 30 years. This arts academy is a rare gem that has nurtured local talent and provided a venue for the local community to explore their creative capacities.

Almost 3 years ago when my daughter was 6 she stated she wanted to take piano lessons. I started her with Cameron Park Piano due to a referral given by a friend. My daughter loves her instructor, Celia Frazer. Celia is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. She has never cancelled in

My Daughter took some acting classes with this company and they were great. She learned both acting and singing, and the staff was very patient and kind with all the children. While my daughter was too shy to go for a lead role, they helped her to overcome a lot of her timidity and as they

This is one of the best DVD's I have ever used or seen. The simplistic way it is taught that even a 5 yr. old can maintain the info through repetition. It definitely can be used by music teachers, parents, grand-parents, band teachers/piano teachers especially, extra-curricular activities

We started our 4 year old in the group piano lessons. He loved getting together with other kids. We as parents get to participate too. It's not just sitting at the piano the entire lesson. They do singing, theory games, play with tambourines, sticks, and bells.... It's FUN. We've been

Eion knows how to be real polite and nice as long as there is a sale possible but he really turns rude when a problem arises. I bought ďan all original Fender 1964 Super ReverbĒ as a present. A couple of years later I found out, sort of by accident, that the power transformer was definitely

Dear Mr. Burd, Thank you so much for the musical education that you provide for my granddaughter, Natalie Ferne. Your knowledge and abilities are superb, your patients with Natalie is wonderful. Natalie has learned so much in the 8 or 9 months you have been her teacher. My wife and I are

Best one on one music lessons in the area. Henry is great.

Poorly managed!

Mr. Frank brings a cheerful and positive approach to my sons' piano lessons. We never found that in our two other previous teachers. Highly recommended.

Our two children, 4 and 6 year old, have been taking piano lessons at the TeVelde School of Music for almost a year. And they love their teacher Sierra who is absolutely amazing! She is always positive, friendly and encouraging. She is enthusiastic about music in general but also about every

My daughter has been singing since she could talk. So, my wife and I wanted to see how we could channel this energy in a positive way. TeVelde School of Music had this very question as part of their sales pitch. We went through the interview process to match our daughters learning style with

Bonnie is an excellent musician, and is committed to sharing her knowledge with her teachers. She trains them to meet their potential so that they can give their best to their students. She is also willing to listen to the parents of her schools' clients so that she can better her school. I

Every child is different and we love the fact that Sierra listens, watches and learns about her students--and then applies the information to tailor her lesson style. The proof is in the enthusiasm and "getting ready time" ahead of each lesson...when my six year old runs to gather his music

My son has been taking music lessons from teVelde Music School for over 6 years. Beginning with what I thought would be just a few voice lessons with Bonnie, he moved to piano and then added drums with Dean. Sensing that he was loosing interest in piano, Bonnie suggested that he change to keyboard

We LOVE teVelde Music. We love how Bonnie cares about matching the student with the teacher they can work best with, and how she gets involved with helping individuals, whether or not they are directly working with her. My daughter loves her teacher, Sierra, and talks about her regularly. Sierra

I highly recommend teVelde Music. My daughter is a student at the San Luis Obispo location. My daughter loves to perform. She has loved performing since the day she was born. I enrolled her in ballet when she was two years old and it took me about a year and a half to realize that it wasn't

We are very excited to havefound Bonnie and teVelde ....we have only been enrolled for a couple months but we are so happy with the quality of instruction. Our daughter continues to love singing and music and cant wait to get to her lessons every week. Looking forward to many fun years to

Great music teachers! Love Joe and Sierra. Bonnie is a caring teacher commited to really teach kids.

My son Luca (age 11) has studied with Bonnie TeVelde at this music school, then located in Arroyo Grande, for 6 years. With as much as I love burning fossil fuels and car time in general, I have thought of finding something more local for my children's music education many times. However, Bonnie

My children are 3 and 5 and have been taking lessons for 18 months. My oldest had lessons in our prior state on the east coast and after moving here, it took me months to find a teacher who would be a great fit for the ages of my children. teVelde has been more than a blessing to my family.

Roberto has studios in Folsom and Davis, which makes it particularly convenient for those of us who commute from work or school - CSUS. His expertise is expressed through a deep passion for music.

My eight year old son has been taking piano and drum lessons at teVelde Music for 10 months. Bonnie runs a wonderful school and instructors like Sierra, JJ and Dean make it special. I am astonished at the music my son is able to make after such a short period of time. Bonnie is an expert at

Other local teaching organizations cost more and are not more qualified. MPlessons is full of experienced, young and energetic teachers. My son takes lessons from the percussion and drum instructor. He is so great. He has a studio to teach out of, but he comes to our house which is more convenient

My 10 year old daughter started taking guitar lessons her over a year ago. He loves her guitar and Mr. Owen. I highly recommend this place.

Excellent teacher. Knows his stuff. Highly recommended!

I was pleased with the guitar lessons, and would suggest them to others.

Jim Bachman is a great guitar teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient, yet instructive, and driven. I have learned an incredible amount from him in a very short amount of time, and I highly recommend him to any who seek any degree of musical proficiency.

A+ Outstanding lessons!

JIll Cohn made me feel quite comfortable with my singing right from the start, which I believe is essential for any new singing voice. To put it another way, she made me feel right at home. Her lesson plans were always very clear and structured, giving me a clear understanding of the techniques

Thanks, Celeste! Now I can play and sing Alicia Keys and all of my favorite songs!

I have 2 kids and finaly I am very happy that they join this school after new year. I was able to schedule music lessons for my son and ballet class for my daughter at the same time. And that's on Saturday! Exellent ballet teacher. My son has already participated in Spring recital. His teacher

This school has the most thought-out curriculum to teach children music. They take the time to find out how the child learns and they create a course specifically for that child. The knowledge of the teachers is through the roof. It is tempered with the patience and politeness needed to

Rick, I really had a tough time learning to play, but you turn all that around. Now I'm having more fun drumming than ever before. Thanks again,

Rick is easily the kindest person we have ever met, and in addition, has been one of the best drum coaches/teachers I have ever known (I play myself). We hired Rick to teach our 7yr old, and found him to be so patient, adept, and encouraging he literally became "one of the family". He is

Paul Burd has been my sonís piano teacher since September of 2006. My son has learned more piano in those eight months of instruction then he did in eighteen months with his prior teacher. Paul incorporates all of the important aspects of a musical education in his instruction including technique,

I have been learning how to sight read and play guitar at the Silverlake Conservatory and they are excellent. All the teachers are professional musicians who do a good job of adapting to each student's individual needs while providing a well rounded education that includes reading music and

I've been going to Hammond Ashley Violins since the San Diego store opened. They have the best selection of Violins and Cellos I've seen in San Diego, County.

Great Group! Very young musicians with a lot of energy and charisma. I recommend them to all my family and friends. I love this group.

If you are going to study guitar, and I mean seriously STUDY guitar, than you should study with Doug. He is a walking encyclopedia of musical information. In the brief time I studied with him we touched upon jazz guitar, classical guitar, extensive music theory, and composition and harmony.

This is the second time I re-enroll my son at Gymboree, the teachers are the best and my son learns so much, he has a blast, I always do unlimited because I don't know what my schedule will be and its a better deal! Its all about the deals.