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My 8 year old son has been taking piano lessons from Mr. Kazukiewicz for 2 years now. He is a very knowledgeable piano teacher with many years of experience teaching children. Gavin continues to progress and gain confidence. Mr. K is a patient and encouraging teacher. He makes learning fun!

The instructors are more than just people who enjoy music but qualified instructors many who are professionals themselves. They are always trying to figure out ways to encourage the students and keep music school fun! That's always the struggle with kids and activities is to keep their

My 2 daughters take classes with Mr. K, ages 12 and 5. He has been able to adapt his teaching style to cater to both their abilities. His patience with my 5 year old amazes me and both their progression has been beautiful!

Jeff Kazukiewicz with "A Lifetime of Music" provides weekly violin and piano instruction for my son and daughter. Member Comments: Jeff is an excellent musician and instructor. One could not ask for a better music teacher. There are many approaches and curriculums for teaching music but I think

Suzanne is an amazing music teacher. She is so patient and takes a genuine interest in my children's learning needs. Her personalized, encouraging approach with teaching them to play piano and make steady progress has been a very rewarding experience for all of us. I give her music studio

Best music teacher around - hands down! he taught me to not just play the guitar - he taught me to love to pley the guitar.

I thank my lucky stars for finding Mullins Music. Not many instructors have the knowledge, experience, talent and insight that can help beginners and top-level students like Loren can. He is quick witted and enjoyable while he looks for area's to assist his students. Loren showed the ability

Carol has so much experience. She is patient, supportive and has a unique technique which enabled me to play right away. I learned the viola. I feel so proud of myself. Best thing I ever did!

Hans is a talented pianist and good teacher, but was often late and cancelled last minute on several occasions. It's unfortunate we ceased lessons with him, but we need someone more dependable to teach our child piano. Also, he tends to play by ear a great deal and was not proactive in

We really liked him but would cancel last minute at least once a month. Then he canceled and said he would call when he could. He owes us 2 weeks and won't return calls or texts. Very disappointed.

Had been taking lessons here for a few years, mostly to learn music theory. By all means the teacher is a fine player and knows theory inside out. But it's one thing to improvise, quite another to teach the subject. I don't get the impression he has a prepared lesson plan when he does arrive

Mel is the kind of guy, that would make a rock star feel like a regular guy, and a regular guy like a rock star. It's a relaxed fast pace, where the quality of the equipment and the experience of the operator will please you.

I am Eileen's Sight-Reading Class Level 1 class this year and had a wonderful experience. I learned so much from Eileen about sight-reading and music. She is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, kind, and her classes are a real pleasure. I always look forward to going!

I love hearing all the talented kids and getting to know the teachers at Soar Music School. There is definitely a drive for excellence with a focus on producing well-rounded musicians who love performing, recording, and writing music. And the concerts are super fun!! I attended the summer concert

I had a blast learning to play my favorite worship song. Presley even helped me record it so I could send it out to my family! You should take lessons here!

The man who runs this business is one of the most shady people that you will ever encounter. He doesn't care about the students or the teachers that work for him all he cares about is money. And yes while that is part of running any business it should not be the only reason for running a business.

My children have been taking lessons here for 6 years and have learned so much and become really great pianists - all due to the instructor at MEA piano. She is a great teacher and I recommend her to everyone I meet!

Outstanding instructor, professionally gifted, most helpful and very personable.

Michael is the second piano teacher my son has. Before we switched teacher, my son had been going to another piano teacher for 5 years. He had been asking me when he could stop going for his piano lessons. We ended up switching to Michael. Michael is enthusiastic about teaching young

The best piano teacher I ever had and I have had many. I am 40 yrs old and love playing the piano. Michael has been teaching me for 1 yr. now and I have advance so much! Thank you Michael!

Hans is the best!

Elizabeth really was the best teacher my son has ever had. She taught him from the time he was 9-11, and we only stopped working with her when she moved. She was able to inspire him to make steady progress, week over week, even when working on challenging pieces beyond the point that they were

Amy is well known for her positive teaching methods, which encourage her students to want to continue for many years, with their guitar playing. I have never seen an unhappy student head towards her studio within Coast, or out!

This teacher came twice to my home and I never heard from him again. He just stop coming. I never received a phone call from him. I do not recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning.

A patient piano teacher, with an ear for every wrong note, but who conveys the correct way to tickle the ivories clearly and respectfully. As an older student (aka, old fogie) who has taken piano lessons from Christine for 5+ years, I witness her outstanding patience with young students, including

I've always wanted to learn how to play piano and become a better singer for so very long. Thanks to my outstanding music teacher, Suzanne, I am now fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine. I am now playing pieces I never dreamed of being able to do and singing songs that I used to struggle with.

Simply put best teachers I've met thus far.

I have taught choir and vocal at two different schools in and near Anamosa. I have sent private students to Marcia from both schools and they have all done wonderfully. Her piano students learn quickly and thoroughly. And I was highly impressed with the vocal development of a high school

Elina is an amazing teacher. If you really want to play piano, Elina is best teacher to learn from.

Very pleased with the teacher. My kids learned a lot since they've started lessons in BPA. They love to go to their lessons, and they started to practice since then. They enjoy learning process and I am so happy to see them progressing so well. Elina's personality, high professional and communication

Patrice is a gifted professional and teacher. I am an older student and can attest that Patrice knows the right blend of challenging and encouraging her students. I am amazed at her ability to identify areas that need improvement and know exactly the right direction to resolve the issue.

The lessons I've been taking from David on mandolin, tenor banjo, and the fiddle have been life changing for me and has led me to a much better place in my life not just the music or the variety of instruments he both teaches and plays effortlessly, or his patience even when i'm screeching

We were very lucky to have found Dave to teach our then 7 yr old daughter how to play the fiddle. His teaching style was a perfect match for our daughter and he was able to keep her motivated to play and improve for the next six years before we moved out of state. Not only is Dave an immensely

You want to study with David. He has the unique capacity to break down a tune and make it accessible to your ears and to your fingers. With a broad appreciation of regional styles and their variations, he can show you the ways to make the tune your own on many different instruments. Every

Dave has been my fiddle teacher for a year now, and I couldnít be more impressed. Words that describe him would be experienced over decades, kind and respectful, good teacher by example and by giving you material and skills to reach for, and corrections without criticism. I canít believe

Our family has been going to teVelde for over four years, with our now eight and nine year old children. Their instruction, personal attention and relationship with children is unmatched. My children look forward to their lessons, as they love their instructors Sierra and Emily. They cater

Ms. Marta has been my piano teacher for almost five years now and she has taught me so much more than how to play piano. Her dedication, passion, and enthusiasm are inspiring.

Ms. Marta (or Ms. Soto) is the best music teacher I have ever had. I came to her when I was a high school freshman, with only three years of piano experience and have gone through two piano teachers. Never before have I met such a fun, energetic, loving, and caring person in my entire life!

After about 6 years instructing my son, Ronnie, on guitar, I do not simply view Mel as an instructor but as a family friend. Mel has helped my 17 year old become an absolutely awesome and well-rounded musician...something I will forever be thankful for. My son's skills go so far beyond what

I took voice lessons from Andrew and now I love to sing, I can't stop. I love music but Andrew gave me the gift of singing which I shall always thank him for.

Piano, guitar, bass, voice, trumpet, sax, drums, harmonica and a Kindermusic program for 2-5 year olds. Also, songwriting, theory, Pro Tools recording studio.

Very able and talented guy.

My son has been taking piano lessons with Mr. Kasper for over a year now. My son is a very shy and quiet boy, but he really feels comfortable with Mr. Kasper and enjoys going to his piano lessons. Mr. Kasper is very patient with him and has taught him so much in the past year. I would definitely

Music and More Arts Academy has served Auburn for over 30 years. This arts academy is a rare gem that has nurtured local talent and provided a venue for the local community to explore their creative capacities.

The curriculum is spot on to teach beginners and those who have experience. It just makes any drummer better. Highly recommended!

I had no idea what I was doing when I first came to Peter, but he was so amazing at knowing just what to say to get me playing better. I have had other teachers, but I was just not getting better very quickly. Peter was able to figure out what I was doing wrong and what I needed to work on

Fun lessons. Very knowledgeable and patient. Great experience!

We loved his class, very flexible, and knows the Craft of Music very well. He moved to New Jersey, my daughter learned a lot about tone, rhythm. He introduced her to very technical books... now at 17 she is going to College to pursue Music. She is performing solo in a concerto, for Violin and

My daughter has been singing with Meg for years, and she has loved every second of it! Meg is funny and always makes the lesson enjoyable. I recommend her highly to everyone I know.

I've been going to Lincroft Music since 2010, when it was called Lesson Laboratory. They changed names a few years back, and have added more instruments over the years. I've been taking guitar for many years with Lucien, and also now take voice. Everything is top notch and I have learned SO