What if there was a way for you to absolutely love to learn how to play the piano? It's exciting, fun, and joyful from day one. A World Where Everyone Plays is an anthology of stories that will surely inspire parents, teens, adults, and seniors to look at a revolutionary piano method that is bringing celebration back into learning - transforming the lives of its student and teachers.

Read about how:
- a blind and deaf student learned how to play the piano.
- a 76 year old UCLA professor decided to pursue his passion.
- learning the piano helped the healing of a stroke victim.
- an adult decided to become a piano teacher before his very first lesson.
- an experienced classically trained piano teacher decided on this piano method.

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Feb 16, 2011

Business Details

Musical Bones Studio is dedicated to changing the cultural narrative that only some people are musical. It is my belief that not only are we all musical, but profoundly musical. In my program, students are taught how to play the piano using a revolutionary method called Simply Music, which has students young and old playing great-sounding contemporary, classical, blues, jazz, and accompaniments pieces

  • I took years of piano lessons and wound up only learning to play scales and the simplest

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