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Jakub Rojek is a Polish-born pianist and composer. He has studied classical piano
at the Cracow Academy of Music before coming to United States and was an active performer on Krakow music scene. He has also established himself as an educator and maintained private studio teaching piano, jazz improvisation, composition, theory, and arranging.

In 2002, after relocating to United States he began his study at North Central College, which he graduated from in 2006 with a BA in Jazz Studies. He has been actively involved in a jazz scene in Chicago and has been feature artist on few independent recording projects including Jakub Rojek/Yaron Goldman Quartet, Joel Moore Quartet (2006), and Duo w/Frank Caruso (2006). He has performed along with Dave Douglas. Dave Holland, John Hollenbeck, Cecil McBee, Michael Cain, Don Byron, Frank Caruso, Larry Kohut, Paul Martin, Dan Shapera, Tom HIpskind, Erich Hochberg, Rick Shandling among others. He has performed at Bean town jazz festival, Tai Chi Center, Lily Pad, Jordan Hall, and Savant Project in Boston, Pops Highwood, O’Brians, Chopin Theatre, and Katerina’s in Chicago.

In 2006, after relocating to Boston he began his studies at the prestigious New England Conservatory, which he graduated from in 2008 with a Master of Music degree in jazz performance. He has studied with Frank Caruso, Jack Mouse, John Mclean, Larry Kohut, Danilo Perez, Michael Cain, Frank Carlberg,Ken Schaphorst, Michael Gandolfi, and Jerry Leake among others. Jakub is also an established composer and arranger. His compositional credits span the music ranging stylistically anywhere between Gesualdo di Venosa, to Gyorgy Ligeti and include any possible combination of instruments from solo, duo, trio pieces to chamber music written for eleven piece ensemble, and big band.

He is founder of “Shrinkt”, the collective established in 2008in Boston. The ensemble is comprised of five improvising composers. The band draws in its improvisations and compositions on the idea of multi layered textural improvisation/counterpoint model.

Finally, Jakub is an established educator with years of experience teaching piano, improvisation, harmony, theory, jazz theory, ear training, composition, arranging to students of all ages. He has been teaching with great success for the past twelve years and has collaborated with many studios, private, and public schools, including private instruction.

Key Skills

By studying with me you will see the results within days... not months!

Educational Details

New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA, 2006-2008 Master of Music in Jazz Performance/Jazz Studies
North Central College, Naperville, IL, 2004-2006
Bachelor of Art in Jazz Performance/Jazz Studies
Cracow Academy of Music, Krakow, Poland, 1998-2002

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Chicagoland, anywhere in the US

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1979, male

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Jakub Rojek

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Plainfield, Illinois

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21509 w georgetown dr