Mark Medeiros

I teach guitar, ukulele and bass lessons.

Styles: Jazz, Rock, Classical, Reggae, Pop, Funk, Country, and more

I have a Masters of Music in Jazz Performance and Composition at URI
I have taught guitar and bass privately for 8 years

My Approach to teaching: Though Jazz is my primary focus I have taught all sorts of genres of music ranging from country to heavy metal. I have been playing for 15 years, teaching for 8 years, and have taught students whose ageís range from 5 years old to 50. In my teaching I maintain a routine approach to lessons. Depending on the studentís age each lesson will comprise of technique practice, music theory, music reading, chord voicings and harmonic progressions, and learning songs of their choosing. Bass students will be given technique and rhythmic exercises, music theory, music reading, and also work on the songs and styles of their choosing. For the very young student, I will encourage them to learn some music reading, very basic chords, and songs that they may enjoy from school. I also understand those who want to take lessons just for fun without having much time to practice. I will give those students a practice routine that fits there busy life style. Also, for those who really want to push there playing to the highest level, I will be more than happy to give them a very rigorous and demanding practice schedule that will help them achieve their goals. Ultimately, I always base the lesson around the musical desires of the student.

Lessons: Either takes place at the studentís home or my home in Portsmouth, RI

Payment: Out of my house: $30/ hour or $20/ half hour.
Students House: Rates depend on travel time.

I am very flexible with cancellations and feel free to call or e-mail me at any time.

Key Skills

- Composition, Guitar, Bass and Ukulele.
- Teaching students in a methodical approach that ensures success.

Educational Details

Masters of Music in music composition and jazz performance.

Acceptable Locations

Throughout RI and parts of MA

Desired Salary

Depends upon travel time

Total Experience

8 years

Year of Birth

1985, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Mark Medeiros

Phone Number


City & State

Portsmouth, Rhode Island