I am a senior Music Education Major at Jacksonville University, where I play in the orchestra. I went to Douglas Anderson School of the Arts for high school. I have taught at many camps, and after school programs, and I am now a part time music teacher.

Key Skills

Orchestral Player for 9 years
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp instructor
String Project Instructor
Part Time Music Teacher in Duval County

Educational Details

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Graduation 2009
Major: Orchestra
Specialized: Violin and Harp

Jacksonville University, Graduation 2013
Major: Music Education
Specialized: String Education

Acceptable Locations

Within 20 mile radius

Desired Salary

$20/ hour

Total Experience

15 years

Year of Birth

1991, female

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Steffani Schmidt

Phone Number


City & State

Jacksonville, Florida