Private lessons from an experienced musician for beginners or the intermediate-advance student with a concentration in bass and/or guitar. Whether you want to learn for personal enjoyment, performance, or to start college without having to pay for their over-priced entry courses I have the methods to get you there. I can teach you in an all-inclusive manner, as in music theory, technique, a universal language gained only from learning about other instruments and styles (whether it be classical, jazz, rock, piano, percussion, guitar, or bass,) and even some of the sciences of music such as acoustics and equipment. By the time you are finished with my lessons you will be able to teach yourself and push forward on your own. I have all the equipment necessary for the lesson.

Experience: I have been involved with music since I was very young, and as a child I have performed with Karl Anthony at a church in Phoenix, AZ. I have been in many performances and have composed approximately half of them including solo and group works for guitar as well as percussion. I have college-level knowledge of music theory and can play guitar, bass, vocals (bass/baritone,) I can also play virtually any percussion instrument including drum set and piano. I am currently working with Ariel Salem, a producer from Israel whose latest project De Lion was produced with Andy Holler.

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$15 per half-hour

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Mar 21, 2011