Yuliya Strongovska is a private piano instructor, artist and accompanist in her own Studio in Bradenton Florida.
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Education: Master Degree of Arts from Ukraine, over of 40 years of experience.
She is a member of MTNA, music teacher associations.

Payment for the lessons:
- 30 min- $26
- 45 min- $36
- 1 hour- $46

For registration: $30

Serviced Areas

  • Florida

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  Person Yuliya Strongovska
  City Bradenton, FL
  Zip Code 34209
  Address 6309 36th Ave West
  Phone Number (301) 659-0719
  Mobile 3016590719

Business Representative

Yuliya Strongovska

Private Piano Teacher

  • I would recommend this business

I recommend Ms. Yuliya especially if you have multiple kids who all want to play piano. My two kids each spend 30 minutes with Ms. Yuliya per class. While one of them is with Ms. Yuliya on the piano, the other one practices on a separate keyboard with headphones, in a close-by separate area. Then they switch after, so it's a very productive and time-efficient one hour.

As far as her teaching style, she understands and recognizes her student's individual needs and challenges, and she prefers to focus on making sure that they use the proper technique so that they develop good playing habits, rather than rushing them to go through many songs. She emphasizes the importance of consistent practice and repetition.

Only problem is that she has become very popular and in-demand, and her schedule fills up very quickly, so you wanna enroll as soon as she has an available slot.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Ms. Yuliya is an extremely talented pianist with very effective teaching methods. Based on my son's, Zachary, prior piano experience (6 mos), Ms. Yuliya was able to adjust his lessons to the level of instruction that was necessary to meet their goals.

Ms. Yuliya not only works on technique, but also theory, effective practicing, and building repertoire. Thanks to her positive and encouraging teaching style, lessons are always enjoyable. Zachary looks forward to every recital and is now preparing for his first competition.

My husband and I are elated to have been referred to Ms. Yuliya and most pleased with how much our son has learned and the tremendous progress he has made thus far playing the piano.

Ms. Yuliya has been teaching my girls for over 3 years now and she is fabulous!! I've seen so much growth with their skills of reading notes, techniques, and maintaining harmony in music. Her recitals are superb and held throughout the year!! Ms. Yuliya's knowledge of piano music is in depth and she is able to teach students on all levels! I'm so glad my girls are learning under her guidance. I feel they are getting a quality education in piano music and it's all thanks to Ms. Yuliya!!


M. Schmitz - # 20 Jazz Parnass

Jason & Erick
Maryland State Ensemble Festival, 2014 year.
Teacher Yuliya Strongovska.

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