A staff of researchers recently confirmed what Yamaha Music Education System YMES believed all along. Music lessons can enhance intelligence. In fact, the researchers said Music education is crucial to all kids. Children all over the world are studying under the same Yamaha method, using the same text books, and following the same curriculum, ultimately creating a new international musical generation.

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  City Encino, CA
  Zip Code 91436
  Address 15613 Ventura Boul
  Phone Number (818) 990-0098

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The philosophy of our school focuses on a comprehensive music education system that goes beyond simply learning to play instruments. We encourage our students to love and appreciate the many benefits a musical education has to offer. Students enrolled in our Yamaha Group Lessons are able to develop a variety of necessary skills including keyboard harmony, ear training, expressive singing, sight reading, rhythm training and ensemble playing. Yamaha students acquire these valuable skills in a supportive and friendly environment!

To provide a systematic and comprehensive methods to develop performance skill, technique. We also enroll students in the Certificate of Merit program. Students are evaluated on an assigned date at a site determined by the local branch of MTAC. These evaluations are administrated by state-appointed evaluators.