Reminders.Just a reminder that our scheduled summer break is from Tues. Looking forward to the 1st workshop of the school year! Please continue working on the Certificate of Merit theory books for everyone that will be enrolled in CM this year. Books need to be completed by October, and no later than December. We will begin working on technique early this year, in the fall.

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Have you ever wondered exactly what your monthly tuition buys? Most parents aren't sure exactly what the tuition covers. Private music instruction seems expensive, but lesson fees include much more than my music expertise and your actual lesson time. Time spent preparing lessons, evaluating new music, and studying the most current interpretations and editions. Time is also spent planning recitals and festivals, and scheduling lessons and annual events. I spend outside of designated lesson time correcting music theory, analyzing and commenting on special video assignments that I give to students when we run out of lesson time, writing recommendations for high schools, colleges, and scholarship applications.