This is the website of Ronni Lederman, a voice teacher in Rockland County, New York. This studio welcomes students from nearby Bergen County, NJ. Ms. Lederman works with both the singing and the speaking voice. The mission is healthy and free vocalism.

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  City New City, NY
  Zip Code 10956
  Phone Number (845) 548-9308

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Do you have vocal talent or interest that you want to improve and develop? Your dream of having a great singing or speaking voice, without straining and with more range is within your grasp, and is much easier than you could imagine! Welcome to Vocal Focus, the online home of singing and speaking voice teacher and soprano Ronni Sarrett Lederman. I havedeveloped a unique, easy and fast way to develop voices with a customer tailored voice workout that makes singing and learning to sing easy! Located in Fairfield County in the town of Fairfield, CT, Ms. Lederman gives voice lessons for both singing and speaking voice improvement to aspiring singers and speakers.

1. Stay hydrated. Drink 8 glasses of water (not juice, coffee or soda) every day so that your vocal cords stay moist. They function much better that way. 2. We've all heard the expression that singers should breathe with their diaphragm. The truth is that you have no direct control over this muscle of inspiration. The best way to breathe "low" or diaphragmatically for singing is to relax two large muscle groups in the body: your abdominals and your pelvic floor muscles (we use these whenever we go to the bathroom so they get a lot of use!).

In my workshop I link concepts of the Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, and neuroplasticity of the brain to the natural energy source we have in our voices. It enables the participant to directly harness his or her personal power and personal expression in a unique and easy way! Just like any musical instrument, the human body is a sound-maker. Learn how the body produces our voice and why the voice gets injured or sometimes doesn't work optimally. In this workshop we explore how to warm-up the voice, especially when it feels tired, how to connect the voice to the entire body for easy power, and how to keep the voice healthy.

I prefer to work on posture in singing from the feet up. Good posture is good alignment without tensing your abdominal or pelvic floor. 1. Feet - you should feel your feet equally and firmly connected to the floor. Pretend that you are a tree, your legs are the tree trunk and under the floor are all your roots. You can move any which way and still feel grounded to the floor as if the floor were holding you up and not your muscles. Notice how free the breath feels when your body moves freely. 2. Knees - gently unlock or slightly bend them.

How much are voicelessons and how do I start? Other than being able to reach out and appropriately touch you, there is no difference. I teach the same thing in either case and can hear you with quality speakers that are added to my computer. There is something extra-nice about being in person, but with the computer we can now do what was once impossible: teach the physically disabled, people who live too far away to come in person and so on. I've developed a set of vocal exercises to free the voice and surrounding areas in the bodyof tensionand then have you make natural and free sounds.