If you want to see how to sing expertly with many of power and an amazing selection, I can show you how. I was the 1st vocal coach in history to explain how the vocal cords work and show why anyone with a healthy voice can be trained to sing high notes in full voice without going into falsetto safely and comfortably.

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  City Irvine, CA
  Zip Code 92614
  Address 17870 Sky Pk Cir
  Phone Number (949) 251-1162

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I like delivering great results fast. There are many more testimonials on thetestimonialspage but watch these three video testimonials now to hear first-hand what Anna Walsh, her father and Aaron Broering have to say about singing lessons with me. I've trained thousands of singers to sing high notes without straining, including Noodles from the OFFSPRING, CoveReberfrom Saosin, Beau Bokan from Bless the Fall, Melissa Schuman from Dream and YouTube superstar Tiffany Alvord. They've all allowed me the privilege of being their vocal coach!

In 2017 Pawni had an international mega-hit with the song Laila Main Laila from the movie Raees. The YouTube video featuring Pawni singing has close to half a billion views. Before she was famous, Pawni flew from Mumbai, India to train with me 6 days a week for a month when she was 16. Listen to her tell all about it in this video testimonial! Thomas Appell (vocal coach in Orange County, CA) actually has a book and he has in the book everything you need to know about your voice. And what's really cool is that once you learn what's going on inside of you when you're singing, you can learn what you need to do in order to sing high a HIGH C. All of that is in his book, Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining?

From the 5 freeway or the 241 toll road exit at Oso Parkway and proceed north till it ends at Coto De Caza Dr. Turn right and proceed tothe guard gate. If you have an appointment your name will be registered on the guest list. Give the guard my name, my address andthename of the person having a lesson and you will be issued a gate pass. After going through the guard gate turn left on the first street which is Phoenix. The studio is located at the corner of Phoenix Way and Pegasus Dr.