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Every singer has a unique voice, and needs training for their voice specifically. Problem is, most voice teachers teach their students the way they were taught. That's a problem, but not when you work with Ken. Vocal Coach Ken Taylor tailors your session specifically to your voice. So rest assured we'll be highlighting your personal strengths while develop your personal weaknesses during your private singing lesson.

We all need some guidance to get further down our path. With Ken, you've got a teacher that's literally helped hundreds of singers accomplish their goals over the past decade. He brings that experience to the table when guiding you along your vocal journey.

But you'll need a plan. During your Orlando voice lessons, you'll focus on balancing different foundational elements of the voice. Then, you'll go home with a record that you can use to help you practice before your next vocal lesson.

So if you're serious about taking the next step with your singing, give Ken's scheduler a call at (407)730-2795 and get started today.

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  • Certified Brett Manning Associate
  • Degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Tennessee

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  • Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Longwood

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  City Winter Park, FL
  Zip Code 32789
  Address 1856 Albert Lee Pkwy.
  Phone Number (407) 730-2795

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Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

When you choose to work with Ken, you’re not just learning from someone with a Vocal Performance degree and over a decade of performance experience, you’re getting guidance from someone who has learned teaching methods firsthand from some of the most brilliant and successful vocal coaches in the world.

Now, Ken brings that level of excellence to Orlando. That said, if you’ve had lessons with other teachers before, but you weren’t thrilled with the results, you’ve got to give Ken a try!

If you’re a serious about taking your voice to the next level, then we’ve got good news. Ken is presently accepting a small number of new clients.

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I have a 10 year old daughter who " out of the blue" was cast in the musical "Annie" at our regional theater Plahouse on the Square in Memphis,Tn. As a parent , one thinks their child is talented but we had no idea that she had amazing potential. We had a great deal of people approaching us offering "advice." I was fortunate to befriend a mother whose daughter is an amazing talent, including appearances on Broadway. She referred me to Ken who has made an amazing impact on her life. In the short time she has studied with him and learned his unique techniques, she has become an amazing powerhouse. Not only has her voice become clear and strong but the confidence he has instilled in her shines through. She trusts him completely. Ken has not only been a teacher for my daughter but has provided me with some much needed guidance. More importantly, even though he is an amazing talent himself he remains humble and true to himself and understands that you continue to learn and grow as a performer!!!

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Customer Testimonials

My teen daughter went to Ken for vocal lessons, and we were very pleased with his instruction. He is friendly and listens well, adapting techniques to fit the student's particular needs. I liked how he was flexible with scheduling and had the ability to do Skype lessons if we weren't able to travel to his studio. I was impressed with how quickly my daughter's singing improved after just a few lessons.

Ken has an amazing talent for diagnosing issues with your voice and formulating an effective way to improve your skills. He makes lesson light and fun but aggressive in technique. You will learn things about yourself you may have never noticed. You will also learn techniques that will take you above and beyond your expectations! Ken is amazing!

My daughter has been taking private vocal lessons from Ken since she was 8 years old and she is now 14. We have obviously been pleased with his ability to teach and protect the voice. Some coaches are simply in it for the money, but Ken is not. He honestly cares about his students and he is extremely motivated by his passion of teaching to help each student reach their full potential while protecting their most valuable asset, their vocal chords.

Ken is an excellent vocal technician, and has the ability to pull every ounce of talent from his pupils. I highly recommend him to vocalists of all ages and levels.

I have been studying voice as an amateur under Coach Ken Taylor for about four months and have learned much during this time. He uses very modern techniques and explores the student's voice from a number of different perspectives, which I won't try to explain here, but the results are what matters most to me. Starting as a baritone, I have improved my range from about 14 notes to 24, including a whole new octave in the tenor range. I have also made steady improvement in vocal conformation, breath smoothness and timbre. Ken is patient, humorous and, I can say, indefatigable, repeating exercises as many times as he feels is necessary until he gets the desired result. Please consider him for your vocal training program - you won't regret it!

Ken is absolutely the best vocal coach I have ever worked with. The amount of progress I have seen since beginning lessons with him is exponentially better than any other experience I have had.

My background...I am a full time musician/vocalist for a featured show at one of Orlando's major theme parks as well as for production companies in the area, performing a minimum of 5 days a week year-round.

I have worked with various coaches throughout the years. I came across Ken via Brett Manning's site, and after being a student of both Singing Success and Mastering Mix, I had very high hopes and expectations.

I have been blown away with the efficient pacing of lessons, the unique customizing to my learning style and performance needs, and, most importantly, the results. I have experienced much improved tone, more balance throughout my range, and recognition of the improvements from other performers and guests.

I cannot recommend Ken Taylor enough, via the web or word of mouth. His prices are excellent (especially compared to other Orlando instructors) and his commitment to vocal training and education shows up in my results.

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Everyone I work with wants to become a better singer, but that means something different to each of them. So at first, my goal is to really understand my clients desires. Then, we can put together a plan that will help you become the singer you want to be. During lessons, we won't follow a generic curriculum, nor will I aimlessly take you through endless scales without a purpose. In our lessons, you'll understand what we're doing and why so that you can practice effectively outside of lessons. With your vocal coach by your side acting as a guide, each week is another step in the direction of of helping you become the singer you want to be.

Whether you want to sing higher, gain vocal stamina, thicken your sound, become more confident, sing more effortlessly, or better command the attention of your listeners. Vocal Coach Ken Taylor can help. When you choose to work with Ken, you're not just learning from someone with a Vocal Performance degree and over a decade of performance experience, you're getting guidance from someone who has learned teaching methods firsthand from some of the most brilliant and successful vocal coaches in the world.

Ever since I started putting up Youtube videos, I've had people asking me if I teach Skype lessons. A few years ago I caved, and now nearly half of the clients I work with each week are through Skype. If you're not familiar, Skype is an online video chatting software that allows you to talk with someone as though you're sitting in the same room, even if you're literally on the other side of the world. All you need is high speed internet, a webcam, and a microphone attached to your computer, phone or tablet.