When I came home from school one day in the fourth grade and announced to my parents that I wanted to play the violin, two chins hit the floor. They speedily hid their shock and got me a violin and signed me up for lessons at the school. My name is Joyce Elliott.The 1st time I put that violin under my chin I fell in love. It was the most awesome thing I ever heard.

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  City Akron, OH
  Zip Code 44302
  Address 975 Jefferson Avenue
  Phone Number (330) 867-2860

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Letter of reference from the principal of Spring Garden Waldorf School: May 31, 1994 To Whom it May Concern: This is a letter of recommendation for services provided by Joyce Elliott. Ms. Elliott has taught violin and viola at Spring Garden Waldorf School since 1988. She has been an enthusiastic, creative instructor encouraging and fostering an appreciation of music in the children. Her relationships with the students has been excellent and they responded positively and warmly to her approach. She was able over the years to bring new musical arrangements and develop a structure to the music program.

Picking out a good violin can be tricky. Here are a few pointers that I hope will help. First you should decide what you can spend, but remember, the old adage " you only get what you pay for" holds very true in the world of string instruments. If you get a violin for $40 off of ebay, it's not going to sound breathtakingly beautiful, but, it may be O.K. to try out for a short while so you can decide if you like playing this most difficult of instruments at all. If you go to a music store to purchase or rent, be sure to try all the violins they have in your price range.

Strings Rule! offers friendly, fun, creative and stress free private violin and viola lessons at a very reasonable price. The teacher is a professional private instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience in the home, studio and school settings and over 45 years of playing experience. The studio is located in the Highland Square area of the west side of Akron, Ohio. There are two summer string orchestras offered every year for students to play in. Admittance is based on skill level, willingness to learn, and merit.

2. Missing one lesson in a quarter is excused. If you miss two lessons in a quarter there will be a $5 charge. The third missed lesson in a quarter will be $10. Four or more will be charged the full price. The exception to this would be in emergent situations or prearranged with the teacher. Your appointment time is reserved for you every week. If you aren't using it often enough I will need to find someone who will because this is my sole source of income. 3. Please try to give 24 hours notice of cancellation by phone or 72 hours ( 3 days ) by email unless its an emergency.