We offer music courses, lessons, sheet music, and downloadable recordings in our music store. Lessons require an application to be considered for enrollment. Courses are available on a rolling basis and require enrollment in music composition lessons. To purchase an item visit the music store.

Private Online Music Composition Lessons are suitable for the composer that would like a thorough training in The Craft of Music Composition. Our instructor has taught students from around the world from amateur to professional. Regardless of your current level of ability we have a place for you in our studio. Students have access to exlusive services such as quarterly composition workshops, seminars, and free access to The Music Composition Technique Series.

One of the goals of UreMusic.com is to offer music composition related articles and resources. Over the coming weeks and months you will be able to enjoy free articles, advice, and tips for enjoying and creating music.

Students that are admitted to The Composers Studio and enroll in lessons will receive a host of exclusive benefits. The list below highlights the most important benefits for students enrolled in online lessons.

* 24/7 access to The Composers Studio
* Free access to The Composition Technique Series of courses.
* Personalized feedback from a University trained composer.
* Access to Quarterly Composition Seminar
* Students enrolled in 3 lessons per month may submit 3 revisions in addition to their regular lessons.
* Conveniently located online. No need to leave your home.

Contact Details

  Person Kevin Ure
  City Las Vegas, NV

Business Representative

Kevin Ure

Kevin Ure, born in Pasadena, California in 1978, has studied and performed with many prominent composers and performers.

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  • Free courses for students
  • none

I feel that I am learning with each lesson. Best of all are the courses that I get to take for free with lessons. I have a masters in music composition and am learning new techniques every lesson.

Value for moneypretty standard rates
Service & supportalways get the help i need
Qualityvery high quality.
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Online, Easy Access, Simple Payments, Flexible
  • Can't meet with instructor if that is a priority. I haven't had to.

I've been taking lessons for 1 year. The service is exceptional and I find that I am improving with each lesson.

Value for money
Service & supportThis man never sleeps.
QualityFeedback is always pertinent.
LocationYou don't get better than online!
Overall ratingExcellent

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