We focus on fundamentals. It's extremely important that you or your child learn the right way to play from the first lesson and beyond. That way, you will be set up for success!

We offer lessons from a half an hour, 45 minutes, to a full hour lesson. We meet once a week and are very flexible. Please tell me in advance if you're going to miss a lesson. That way I can plan accordingly.

We offer 30 minute lessons at $20 per lesson, 45-minute lessons at $30 per lesson, and 60 minute lessons at $40 per lesson. You may pay for your month in advance and you will receive a receipt for every payment made.

Serviced Areas

  • St. Louis, MO area

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  Person Heather Hauck
  City Union , MO
  Zip Code 63084
  Address 2349 Hwy 50
  Phone Number (636) 234-8727

Business Representative

Heather Hauck


Heather is classically trained in instrumental music. She has a Bachelors of Science in Instrumental Music Education from Missouri State University. Heather has been teaching music and music lessons for 5 years. She is proficient in piano, winds, and stringed instruments. Her teachers include: Martha Gleich, John Phillips, Linda Wegmann, JoAnn Karr, Dr. Belva Prather, Jerry Hoover, Dr. Larry Ink, and Dr. Jill Heyboer. She resides and operates Up The Scale LLC from Union, MO.

Products & Services


We teach the correct way to hold and play your guitar. We start guitar lessons at 9 years old-adult. This instrument requires fine motor skills. If you are not able to have hand independency, meaning you can do two different things with both hands, you might want to consider a different instrument.


We teach the correct way to hold, bow, and finger the notes on your violin or viola. We start string lessons at 6 years-adult. If your or your child does not have great fine motor skills, you might want to consider another instrument.


We teach the correct way to hold and finger the notes on your flute, clarinet or saxophone. Woodwind instruments begin at 9 years-adult. Usually woodwind lessons are in conjuction with band programs in the public or private schools. These instruments involve fine motor skills and the ability to blow into your instrument and release that breath in a controlled manner. You will also have to control tounge movements while releasing breath into your instrument. This is called tounging or separating notes that you play with your instrument.


We teach correct posture, fingering, and articulation on your piano. Piano lessons begin at 6 years-adult. This is a great instrument for the younger learner plus it teaches fine motor skills, spatial awareness, patterns, and mathmatics.

Brass Instruments

We teach the correct way to hold, finger and breath into your chosen instrument. We start brass lessons at 9 years-adult. Brass instruments include French Horn, Trumpet, Euphonium, and Trombone. Usually, brass lessons are in conjuction with school band instrument programs in the local schools. These instruments should be played by someone that has great finger dexterity and is able to control their breath.