Time To Play is a music lesson studio in Forest Grove Oregon that primarily teaches piano. The studio started as Piano Studio S and was owned and operated by Sylvia Teng. The studio changed ownership in 2011, and became Time To Play. However, the studio goes on offering the same great musical education that has made it a musical center in the community. Experienced teachers from around the Portland Metro area work together to provide excellent piano lessons to Forest Grove students.

How It Works: Time To Play uses top-of-the-line Yamaha digital pianos with complicated key-weighting technology to simulate the touch and feel of a real grand piano. Using headphones, it is possible to have two, four, or any number of piano students playing at the same time without hearing each other. The teacher can plug into one student's keyboard and work with them and then move on to another student while the first student practices getting the technique fluent.

Serviced Areas

  • Forest Grove

Contact Details

  Person Lorraine Heinauer
  City Forest Grove, OR
  Zip Code 97116
  Address 1904 Elm St, Suite 4
  Phone Number (971) 258-4255

Business Representative

Lorraine Heinauer


Lorraine Heinauer stepped in when Sylvia had to move with Jonathan to Houston for his new job. If Sylvia could find a teacher, Lorraine was willing to run the company and so Time To Play was created.
Lorraine is dedicated to offering affordable music lessons to the children of Forest Grove.
She has over 25 years obusinessss experience and earned an MBA from UC Irvine. Music has been a constant part of her life and she has sung in choirs on and off since she was in grade school.