If you're considering piano or guitar lessons for your child or yourself, here's why Stan Munslow is your #1 choice in northeastern Connecticut:

♫ STUDY AT HOME - Study with Stan Munslow in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No driving, no waiting, no noisy lessons going on in the next cubicle.

♫ QUALIFIED. EXPERIENCED - Stan holds a B.M. from Berklee College of Music and has over 30 years' experience as an instructor, performer, and author in southern New England.

♫ ALL AGES, STYLES, LEVELS WELCOME - Rock/pop. Jazz/blues. Classical. Film. Broadway. Improvisation. Music theory. Songwriting. More.

♫ CUSTOMIZED PRIVATE INSTRUCTION - No "one size fits all" methods. Lessons are customized to maximized each student's unique abilities, gifts, and talents.

♫ FOCUS ON CHILDREN - All ages welcome, of course. But Stan has focused and dedicated his entire career on working with children. Lessons are fun, friendly, and age appropriate. The focus is on enrichment, encouragement, and enjoyment.

♫ REAP ALL THE "FRINGE BENEFITS" OF QUALITY MUSIC INSTRUCTION - These include higher math and verbal test scores, improved concentration, and a greater ability to set and achieve goals.

♫ SO MANY WAYS TO PLAY - Learn from books and sheet music. Learn to play by ear. Discover the art of improvisation. Learn to accompany a singer. Even play along with your favorite recordings.

♫ NEED HELP WITH AN AUDITION OR PERFORMANCE? Stan Munslow also offers one-on-one coaching to help you prepare for your recital, audition, or concert. Take as many or as few lessons as you like. All instruments are welcome.

♫ ALSO AVAILABLE - In addition to piano, electronic keyboard, and guitar, private in-home instruction is also available for recorder, bass guitar, songwriting, ear-training/ solfege, piano/vocal accompaniment, and music theory.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Experienced, degreed private piano, guitar and keyboard instruction in your home.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Modern Music Masters Society

Serviced Areas

  • Putnam, Pomfret, Woodstock, Thompson, Killingly

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  Person Stan Munslow
  City Putnam , CT
  Zip Code 06260
  Address Sabin St.
  Phone Number (401) 378-1999

Business Representative

Stan Munslow

Owner, Instructor

Stan Munslow holds a B.M. from Berklee College of Music. He has been performing, teaching and writing since 1982.

Products & Services

Learn more chords than you ever knew existed. More, important, than your competition ever know existed. Chords are our chief means of expression. they are what gives each song its personality and mood. Chords are like colors and with Chord Whizardry Intensive Training you can get the biggest box of crayons in town.

Drop 2 voicings, spreads, voicings in 5ths, upper structure triads, substitute dominants, reharmonization, the magic sus2, the next generation of power chords, the list goes on and on.

Even after a single one-hour session with Stan Munslow, known by many as the Chord Guru, you'll pick up more chord knowledge and ability than you can find anywhere else. Using even just one of Stan's techniques you can LITERALLY DOUBLE the number of chords you know.

Call 401 378-1999 or email Stan Munslow at: sm@stanmunslow. com for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Stan Munslow also offers one-on-one coaching to help you prepare for your recital, audition, or concert. Take as many or as few lessons as you like and make that music shine. All instruments are welcome.

World's Easiest Guitar Course

5 one-hour sessions: $160.

Learn the guitar in only five weeks. Learn to read music, strum chords and several popular selections, right in your own home. This course has been a favorite since 1985.

Customer Testimonials

Stan knows how to establish rapport with young children. He meets my children where they are at and makes it fun for them. It's not simply drills and rote. He helps them to feel the music more inside of themselves, which helps them to produce more meaningful music.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to bring our sons to you for piano lessons. They have really blossomed and their appreciation for music has grown now that they can make music instead of just listening. Your mix of classical, jazz and modern pieces is a great way to expose them to everything. Your manner with our sons is very patient and kind. The annual recital is a very nice event. Many thumbs up.

Stan's enthusiasm is infectious. I am quite impressed by the range of both technical and historic knowledge presented in a single lesson. These are not ordinary lessons!

Stan provides a fun-filled, engaging environment for music instruction. His wonderful, age-appropriate interaction with students allows them to really enjoy their lessons and feel confident as they learn. Highly recommended.

I'm finally out of those closet sized cubicles in the back of the music store and in a real studio, studying with a very experienced and talented pro.

My children love their piano and guitar lessons with Stan Munslow. The song selections, the "extras" (songwriting, improvisation, and figuring out music from CDs), the caliber and extent of Stan's knowledge and experience, and his gentleness and patience with my son and daughter are greatly appreciated.

The best thing about learning music with Stan Munslow is that he's about five times smarter than most people. He knows everything about music and he can explain things in ways that make sense.

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