Simply the BEST lessons available! We focus on modern music and instruments- Guitar, bass, drums, piano, and voice. We also provide opportunities for students to play in a band, record, play shows, and MORE. We are the ONLY music studio in Genessee County that can take students from beginner all the way through ANY level they choose. (One of our students is being featured on Oprah, the Grammys, and the Superbowl.) We've featured recording, touring artists as instructors and clinicians. This is where you go if you want music to actually be FUN, and learn from the best. :-)

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Continental Who's who, Degreed teachers

Serviced Areas

  • Swartz Creek, Grand Blanc, Clio, Goodrich, Fenton, Linden, Mt Morris, Flushing,flint, flint twp., lennon, durand Davison

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  • American Express, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

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  Person Michael Arthur
  City Flint, MI
  Zip Code 48507
  Address 3008 Miller Rd. Ste. 3
  Phone Number (810) 964-3316

Business Representative

Michael Arthur


I've received my associates degree in classical guitar, had a scholarship for jazz guitar, and played too many musical styles to count! We can take you ANYWHERE you want to go with music.

Customer Testimonials

Feel like we hit gold with the drum instructor Alec! My nine year old boy looks forward to his lessons and practices at home on his own without me telling him. He now carries his drum sticks everywhere even in his book bag to Teachers can make or break the spirit of a child and Alec's talent and skill has inspired my son tremendously.

Son taking bass lessons, once you can play they put you with other students playing their own instruments and they give them a song to learn as a band. The guys are cool, great and patient teachers, you can tell they love what they do. Very happy with how they do things. They teach lots of different instruments.

I am so thankful for rock star academy. Have been taking lesson for around 5 months . I just knew a few cords, and now I am working full songs. Norman is amazing. If I get stuck on something in the middle of the week, I can message him , and he helps me. They are Very dedicated and fun to work with. Rock star academy has really helped me find the inner rock star

We love Robert! What a talented singer & piano teacher! He is so kid-friendly, our whole family thinks he's the best!

Social Activity

Band class, plus Alec Lee on the tiniest kids drum set, cause... why not?? ;)
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A favorite sight of mine - super talented artist jay recorded a song with in our studio :)
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Sometimes I make Alec Lee record dream theater drum beats at 2 am :)
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One of my fave jazz standards - autumn leaves! (Both Johnny and josh's first time playing together!)
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Norman Williams Jr and Betty Mullins Grisi at The Agitated Grape Wine Tasting Bar in Davison Also.... I don't know how to use tags - help!!!!
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Alec incorporating full electronic kit first time
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putting together tracks :)
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Getting ready to play! (We will be inviting students to come play at upcoming gigs too!)
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