Linda teaches a vocal technique that is classically-based and works for all styles of singing- from classical to rock and all the stops in between! Her sessions will relax and strengthen your voice, so you can find the natural power and resonance within. Linda believes strongly in the importance of body awareness for singers, because singing requirements to feel nice in your body as well as sound nice.

Contact Details

  City Boulder, CO
  Zip Code 80302
  Address 1419 Pne St
  Phone Number (303) 443-9490

Linda's great, I came to her with NO singing ability, but always wished I could - and now I can! She is very patient and has the ability to work with all types of singers, from beginners to professionals.

From Our Website

Yes, your voice is your new best friend, you just don't know it yet. Our voices are profound, beautiful and simple, and most of us barely use them. In a world that says only famous people should sing and the rest of us should listen, I say let's all sing! For our health, for connection, and for the sheer joy of it. So if you want to explore the possibilities of your amazing voice through Voice Lessons, Chakra Toning or both, you've come to the right place! As a teacher, I'm proud to put all my varied experiences together into a teaching style that is effective and accessible.