We believe an experience with the arts can ignite a passion that can enrich all areas of a student's life. We are dedicated to helping our students uncover hidden talents in music and dance that will supply them and their communities a lifetime of enjoyment. Why Choose the Colorado Academy of Music and Dance?

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  City Colorado Springs, CO
  Zip Code 80907
  Address 975 Gardn of the Gods Road Ste. F
  Phone Number (719) 635-1004

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At Springs Dance, we believe the greatest gift we can give the artistic community is a dancer who not only has a broad knowledge and strong technique, but who can apply those talents in a spirit of confidence and compassion with a commitment to community service. Dance can be a powerful tool for developing individual leadership skill. The process of learning dance teaches our students to set goals, to work effectively in teams, to creatively solve problems, and a host of other character building attributes.

Our experienced instructors are committed to helping students of all ages find success both in and out of the studio. Our instructors are passionate about helping each student build the confidence that comes from a positive dance training experience. See the complete staff listing here. In the Springs Dance Fundamentals program, new dancers ages 6 to 15 learn the dance technique, terminology, and skills that provide a strong foundation for future learning. Classes are a combination of ballet, tap, and jazz.