Swallow Hill: three decades of great music 2009 marks Swallow Hill's 30th year presenting and teaching great music and we wouldn't be here without our members! Join today and aid us reach our aim of 3,000 members by the end of this year! For every dollar you donate, we receive another one from a generous friend to replace seating and air conditioning in Daniels Hall.

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  City Denver, CO
  Zip Code 80210
  Address 71 E Yale Ave
  Phone Number (303) 777-1003

I attend a concert at Swallowhill on average, 6-10 times a year, even though I live on the other side of town. If I lived closer, I would be there 2-3 times a month. If you like folk/americana music, you can't go wrong. My wife and I constantly comment on the high quality of the entertainment we get to see there. Ticket prices are reasonable. Get on their mailing list so you can see upcoming concerts and mark your calendar. I have also taken a drum class through their music school and had a great time. I have two friends who have been taking banjo lessons and are pleased with their experience.

From Our Website

Engaging musical experiences in assembly settings (25 to 300 audience members at a time) through songs, stories and a variety of instruments. Jazz is one of few truly American art forms. A fusion of European and African music traditions, jazz is often an understated influence in our culture and is unique to the American experience. This program brings students an interactive, entertaining introduction to jazz - how jazz influenced the culture and history of the United States. This assembly examines the ways in which cultural traditions combine to form something new.

Our core classes lay the foundation for playing your instrument. First timer? Start with our 1-A classes -- banjo, bass guitar, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, singing, and ukulele are all offered during this summer session! Have a little more experience? Jump in to one of our other core classes, like Fiddle 2-A, Ukulele 3-A, or Guitar 4. In Specialty classes, we focus on a specific skill or genre/artist. Specialty classes are for intermediate to advanced players. Offerings this time include Faux Stride Guitar: Advanced Fingerstyle Techniques, Learn How to Play Celtic Harp, Intro to Jazz Guitar, Music Theory for Ukulele, Pentatonic Scales, and The Gospel Sound: An Intro to Gospel Reharmonization.