SAGWA is a volunteer organization devoted to improving kids's lives through music education. Our goal is to inspire an appreciation for the untapped possibilities of kids through promoting the understanding and use of the music teaching approach and educational philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki for the greater happiness of all kids. If you are new to SAGWA, welcome!

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  City Washington, DC
  Zip Code 20012
  Address 7717 Fourteenth Strt NW
  Phone Number (202) 723-1237

From Our Website

SAGWA inspires and encourages musical learning in the greater Washington DC area. Grounded in the Suzuki philosophy, SAGWA promotes the harmony of heart and mind through music to nurture beautiful artists and foster compassionate connections within the community. SAGWA invests in the area Suzuki community by providing events and resources, including financial aid, to nourish a rich learning environment. We support students in the mastery of a musical instrument by offering performance and learning opportunities.

Choosing the right Suzuki teacher is important because this relationship can have great impact on your whole family's musical experience. After gathering names of possible teachers, observe the candidates at work. Many Suzuki teachers require prospective parents and children to observe individual and group lessons before beginning study. Ultimately, look for a teacher who provides loving care coupled with high standards for every level of performance. A Suzuki teacher's goal is to consistently challenge students while providing an atmosphere of love and encouragement.

It doesn't matter how young or old you are, YOU can learn how to play a musical instrument. It takes time and work, but the reward of making beautiful music is something you'll cherish. In order to achieve a broad understanding of the Suzuki Method, SAGWA recommends that all parents Shinichi Suzuki's book, Nurtured by Love. This classic work by the founder of the Suzuki Method gives, through personal anecdotes, a history of the development of the Suzuki philosophy and his belief in the high potential of every child.