I've learned music in two ways-first, from the street, and then from a university. I've discovered the pluses and minuses of both, taken the best from each experience and combined them in order to get the best results for the student.

Music is the soul food of the civilization - a person gets something from music that they cannot get from anything else. Music and all art, is the highest form of communication on this planet; it is above logic, above mathematics, science, and above reason.

It is a matter of statistical record that students who study music and play a musical instrument scholastically do better than their non-musical peers. This is but one of the many benefits that a student receives as a result of music study - and there are many others that carry over into a person's life and enhances their enjoyment of life.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Extensive recoding/record production work in NYC, Chicago, LA. Session guitar, NYC/Chicago
  • Performed in various Rock, Jazz, and Blues bands, as well as classical music ensembles, on countless
  • Gigs throughout the US and Canada

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • National Association of Schools of Music
  • Billboard
  • AES
  • American Federation of Musicians Local 47

Serviced Areas

  • Essex, Union, Morris Counties

Payment Options

  • Money Orders, Personal Checks, cash, Venmo

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  Person Studio of Music
  City Livingston , NJ
  Zip Code 07039
  Address 69 Mounthaven Dr.
  Phone Number (973) 994-0852

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Studio of Music

A complete bio is available on my website studioofmusic.net Thank you!

Products & Services

Guitar Instruction

Guitar Instruction

Guitar Instruction. Styles taught: All forms of Rock music, Jazz, Blues, Country, Electric and Acoustic Slide Guitar, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar, Bluegrass, Classical Guitar. Music Theory, Music History/Musicology. Band/Ensemble rehearsal techniques, recording techniques/training.

Instrument maintenance/setup. Amplifier maintenance/troubleshooting. Effects equipment/pedals analysis and performance techniques. Pedalboard design/construction/maintenance. Additional areas of study available by request.

Customer Testimonials

Rich is a talented musician with incredible enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and practical know-how. More importantly, Rich conveys his knowledge and experience to his students in interesting, fun and effective ways. I look forward to every lesson.

Rich is very patient and allows you to learn at your own pace. He has a good method of teaching and provides a lot of insight to everything related to music. If you want to take your guitar playing to a new level and get inspiration, Rich is the one to go to for guitar lessons. Not only is he a great teacher, he is a really talented musician.

Before Rich Fusco, I was a self-taught guitar player and could fumble my way through a few songs. With his lessons, I've been able to experience astonishing successes like performing in a professional recording studio, on a ten-year residency on Bleecker Street/New York City, in New Orleans and even at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I credit my progress entirely to Rich and my willingness to work. My guitar skills and enjoyment of music has improved immeasurably since taking lessons with him. He is a rare gem of a teacher. If you want to improve your playing, ears, knowledge, tone, and attitude, so you're in the top one percent of all guitarists, consider taking lessons with Rich Fusco.

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