It is the mission of String Presence to use the universal language of music to touch, heal and nurture humanity. The belief that the environment shapes the being insists that constants of love, compassion, patience, respect, consideration and giving are a must for a life full of purpose, enrichment and abundance. This mission is not only aligned with the philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, but the Creator and Most High.

String Presence is committed to perpetuating these values in the community through two primary avenues: Education and nurturing of the whole family through the Suzuki Violin School using Dr. Suzuki's Mother Tongue approach, and through service by providing music that touches the spirit during any occasion, event, or function where humanity can all be on common ground.

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StringPresence Academy

Megan Jenifer, violinist and educator, is the owner of String Presence Academy, Suzuki Violin Studio. Megan has been in the music business for her lifetime and is committed to the Suzuki philosophy of education. She studied formally for several years through the D.C. Youth Orchestra Program under Mr. & Mrs. Lynn McClain. Megan received both a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Engineering Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree from Hampton University. While at Hampton, she helped develop the first and only all student-based African American HBCU orchestra under the guidance of Jerry Bracey. In addition to her role as a founding member, she was also concertmistress of the H.U. Chamber Orchestra and String Ensemble.

Customer Testimonials

YOU MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE in our LIVES! Seriously! You’re an incredible teacher Ms. Megan! It’s truly a GIFT! If only we could bring you along with us wherever the military moves us!! We were blessed to have you as our teacher… and even more blessed that we remain friends throughout the years!

Each time Kennedy plays her violin, I see the zeal and pride in her eyes. Her love of the instrument and her desire to excel are reflections of a remarkable, gifted instructor. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

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From Our Website

String Presence Academy accepts students who wish to study violin, viola or beginning cello. Students as young as three and older are eligible for lessons. Very young students require a committed parent who is willing to attend all lessons and help reinforce the material learned in lessons, serving as the "at home teacher" for the child. To inquire further, please contact me to let us know about your requirements and requests.