As a teacher, my goal is to give my students the tools they need to further their education on their own. I wrote my book Understanding The Chords after a student told me how frustrated he was both with the names of chords and the trouble finding clear explanation on the internet. Why do you need to understand chords? The guitar player痴 job is to play chords. Even if you are the primary soloist in a group, it is your understanding of chords that will allow you to play with power and intention. Understanding The Chords is the secret to mastering the guitar.

A list of the most influential guitarists in the last hundred years would have to include Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, T-Bone Walker, Merle Travis, Chuck Berry, Scotty Moore, Chet Atkins, B.B King, Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Angus Young, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan...the list could go on and on.

What do they have in common? All of these great guitarists used chords as the foundation for their improvisations. And it痴 not just that chords were happening while they soloed. They used the individual notes from the chords as their solos. The best guitarists target chord tones when they solo.

The first purpose of this book is to teach you the chords. Not just to play them, but to understand them. Why are they called what they池e called? How might you use them? Do you even need to know them?

I値l answer all those questions. You値l know which chords you池e likely to use, you値l know how to play any chord you値l ever want and if you write your own music you値l know what to call any chord you can dream up.

You値l also learn to understand the guitar and the music you play. You値l learn about notes, keys, scales, modes, arpeggios and strategies for soloing. You値l learn enough music theory to really play. With this book, you値l know what to do with the chords you learn. I値l begin by covering the basics so even a beginner will be able to follow along. More advanced players can skip ahead or use the introductory chapters as review. By the end of the book, all readers will have the confidence that only comes from understanding music and knowing their instrument.

Understanding The Chords is the result of over 20 years of professional playing and teaching experience. With time, provided you practice with dedication, there is enough information here to take you from the level you are now to being a professional guitarist yourself.

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  • A structured approach to learning the guitar, with an emphasis on improvisation.

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  • Guitar Instructor at University of Maine Farmington
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Steven Alan Lynnworth

Musician, Teacher and Author

I started playing guitar at age 17 and studied with Boston area jazz great Gerry Beaudoin and blues virtuoso Ronnie Earl, among others. I've been playing professionally for over 20 years on stages from Bar Harbor to Boston, to Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee.

My goal as a musician and as a guitarist is to be a good teacher. If your goal is to become a better guitarist, I hope my book helps you achieve it.

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"Steve, I just read your book over the weekend. It's great. If I was still working at Hebron Academy, I would buy 20 copies and make all my guitar instructors use them."

Absolutely Great! Nice package, quality & graphics! You should be proud man!