Situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding countryside, South Valley Studios was began over three decades ago by guitarist and teacher Scott Ferguson, drummer and teacher Steve Gustaveson retired. Since the opening of their doors over 30 years ago, South Valley Studios has added renowned teachers Mike Dale Drums and Percussion and Mark Veldevere Electric, Acoustic, Classical, and Bass Guitars.

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  City Salt Lake City, UT
  Zip Code 84121
  Phone Number (801) 943-2621

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Please take the time to read through this material to learn what is needed, what to expect and what makes Mike Dale Drum Studio's the best! 6 years of age usually. Any younger than that and it is hard for them to comfortably play the drums. Another thing to consider is that playing the drums is instantly fun. With that being said, the drum set requires a bit of maturity in order to be able to focus on the fundamentals. If the student is any younger than seven, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the free introductory lesson in order to determine if the student is ready for lessons.

In this menu you will find endless resources to help you with your drums and drum lessons. This page is intended for both currently enrolled students and those seeking to learn what they can on their own. Please feel free to explore and discover the vast world of drumming.

Mike Dale Drum Studios provides several teachers to choose from. It is recommended that you contact Mike Dale personally at 801-943-2621 to discuss you scheduling and budget needs. We feel this is important so you can ask questions in person rather than just enrolling online and hoping for the best. The staff at Mike Dale Drum Studios is here to help. Michael Dale Drum Studios does offer a FREE trial drum lesson so that you are able to make an educated decision about the drum instruction you or your child receives.