The Sound of Music is a music and arts school conveniently situated in Buford Village, near the Mall of Georgia, with a 2nd location nearby on Buford Hwy. We provide classes in mastering the piano, voice, guitar, bass, violin, viola, cello, flute, the saxophone, and other instruments. We have been an founded school since 2003.

Contact Details

  City Buford, GA
  Zip Code 30518
  Address 1980 Buford Highwy
  Phone Number (770) 831-7432

From Our Website

The Sound of Music school, which has 5- Star Rating was established in 2003. We are a competitive music school conveniently located, providing the highest quality of teaching that promotes encouraged learning. Beginning from 2003, 170 of our students have participated in the Junior Music Festival sponsored by the National Federation of Music, with 140 of them receiving a superior rating (best achievement). We have a vested interest in your child's success - offering music scholarship, and the best value for your investment.

Currently, the popular genres for guitar playing are: blues, rock, country music, romance, jazz, flamenco, funk and fusion. But, as you know, this is not a complete list. As for the guitar itself, classical, acoustic, and electric guitars are most common. Despite the huge number of styles and genres, all guitar lessons have a common methodological basis, so you can determine your direction in the classroom. The desire to learn how to play the guitar arises in people of different ages and of different character.

Your voice is unique. There is no other voice like yours on the Earth, and our goal is to maximally reveal your natural voice and give you confidence in your performance. The voice lessons in our school are taught according to the leading programs, which have showed the greatest effectiveness in teaching voice.

The cello and double bass are very complex instruments, but many of the best composers were dedicated to the cello or double bass in creating great works. Cello playing is unique and interesting. Even though it is not as popular as the piano, there are a lot of connoisseurs of its beautiful sound. To ensure that your cello playing is unbeatable, first of all it is necessary to achieve the correct hand positioning and the ability to concentrate. After completing the courses, you will learn this and much more!