Sing With B is a Rhode Island business dedicated to providing musical child enrichment classes, birthday party entertainment, and lullaby CDs for young children. Sing With B is owned and operated by Barbi Beyer, a South County local dedicated to community building and early childhood education in RI.

Using the nationally accredited and acclaimed Music Together Program, Barbi has been hosting child enrichment classes in North Kingstown since 1997. These highly sought-after mommy and me -type family classes are an incredibly educational and fun introduction to live music-making. Sing With B Music Together classes are appropriate for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten students.

Musical Birthday Parties are a fun, relaxing, and educational way to celebrate your child's birthday. As an experienced birthday party entertainer, Barbi seamlessly works her routine into the flow of your event, whether held at home or at a local venue. A Musical Birthday Party is a great choice for a first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth birthday!

Contact Details

  Person Barbi Beyer
  City North Kingstown, RI
  Zip Code 02852
  Address 640 Ten Rod Road
  Phone Number (401) 364-7664

Business Representative

Barbi Beyer

Barbi Beyer is a university-trained vocalist enjoying life in RI as a singer and songwriter, Music Together teacher, and mother to two daughters. If you ask one of her young students, though, she is far more than that. This Rhode Island icon has reached celebrity status with the children of South County. A veritable Pied Piper, Barbi is a gifted early childhood educator and entertainer committed to fostering a love for music in a child's early years. The parents in her classes all agree that learning is not solely focused on the younger students in Barbi's classroom. The adults leave a Sing With B Music class with a few more tools in their parenting toolbox, a renewed confidence in their musical ability, and the ability to encourage musical learning in their children.

Customer Testimonials

Our sons, Micah (age 4) and Noah (age 7) show a degree of engagement in this CD that none - and we do mean none - of the many other recordings in our big collection do. This is wonderfully intimate music, genuinely and humanly realized.

Thank you for your wonderful CD! You have given us a whole new lullaby routine at bedtime. Our three year old, Nicole needs to hear most of the lullabies every night. I am getting lots of practice singing! We want to buy these for everyone we know!

My son loves music class with Barbi. It's a great time for us to bond and we really enjoy socializing with the other children and parents. Music is so important to my husband and I and our son showed interest in it at an early age. It's great to watch his musical development grow and he's always so happy to be in class. So glad we found Sing With B!

My 8 month old Daxton had a blast today! was his 1st class and he immediately took to Barbi and went right over to her and climbed up to touch the guitar. He loved crawling around and playing/putting the instruments in his mouth haha...we hope to go to a session in the fall

We love Sing With B!! Ms. Barbi comes to my daughter’s school and I took my toddler son to join her class one day and we were hooked. Now he looks forward to his own class once a week. All I have to do is sing the ‘Hello Song’ and his face lights up!

This was our first semester of class with Barbi and my almost-2-year-old and I loved it! My mom even came a few times and really enjoyed the time with my daughter. I watched as my little girl blossomed into a dancing queen as the weeks went on and now she sings or hums the songs at home all the time. It was a great experience and we will definitely be signing up again!


Sing With B Music Together Class

These are some of my wonderful families who bring their children to my weekly Music Together classes in North Kingstown RI. I love the joyful, playful time we share together each week in our musical community.

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