Trying to Decide Between a Few Different Music Schools to Enroll in? How about starting with a FREE Trial lesson? Since 2002 100's of students have achieved success by taking music lessons at Shobo Music Academy. We do not believe we're the finest because we say so, we believe we're the finest because families say so.

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  City Cliffside Park, NJ
  Zip Code 07010
  Address 451 Palisade Avnue
  Phone Number (201) 941-8169

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Check out this video of our current talented students that switched to online lessons. It's easy to set up, fun and great new way to learn music! We offer online music lessons on piano, guitar, voice, singing, drums, violin, ukulele, saxophone, flute and clarinet. We teach students from anywhere online! If you're looking for music lessons or classes in Bergen County you've come to the right place. At our convenient Cliffside Park studio we teach students ages four and up and have taught literally thousands of students since we started in 2002.

Students for the trumpet are usually ages 7 or older as they need to have developed a greater lung capacity and need to be big enough to hold the instrument. Our brass teachers have university or college degrees in music and perform in everything from salsa bands to local orchestras. We can help students enhance their skills for their school band program or develop advanced skills to become soloists. The trumpet is a featured instrument in concert band, orchestra and jazz band! Lessons are offered in 30 minute and 1 hour lengths.

Private lessons for Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone start at 8-10 years of age due to the size of the instruments. The level of skill and musical ability required for these instruments is the same but the embouchure (mouth position) for the instruments is very different so most people find one much easier to get a sound out of than the other. If you are not sure which instrument to choose please arrange an initial lesson and we will help you find the woodwind instrument that's right for you. Our woodwind teachers are friendly University trained teachers with years of professional and performing experience.

Whether you aspire to play Bach, Mozart or any current pop hit, Shobo Music Academy has dedicated piano instructors that will help you become the pianist you want to be. Our faculty will introduce you to the fundamentals of reading music, technique, theory, and incorporate your favorite songs into your lessons. Our piano instructors are warm and friendly, and get to know each student and parent on a personal level. We work with each student to craft a lesson plan that fits the student's unique needs and favorite type of music.

If you have always wanted to be a better rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer you've come to the right place. Voice students at our school spend time each week doing physical exercises to improve their vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and more. All voice students set goals with their teacher to work on sounding like their favorite recording artists or if they prefer, to develop their own unique voice. We not only teach singers but also local TV and radio personalities who want to enhance their speaking voices.

Our bass instructors teach rock, blues, metal, country and classical styles on both electric and acoustic basses. Beginners work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory. Each lesson will challenge you with a new technique or music theory, and ends with something fun like your favorite riff or song. We employ a variety of bass method books based on student needs and preferences, and encourage students to bring smartphones or CDs to their lessons to learn their favorite tunes.

Our drum instructors teach all styles including rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and more in a fund and exciting way. Our drum students bring in their favorite drum parts to learn in their lessons while learning fundamentals. Many of our drum students play in local bands in rock clubs or their local churches. You do not have to purchase a drum kit to take lessons. Students use our drum set at their lessons and do not have to bring anything except their drum sticks and a notebook. All that's needed for practice at home is an inexpensive drum pad.

Our violin lessons are for both acoustic and electric violin. Beginners will start with basics like how to properly hold the instrument to arco and pizzicato styles, sight reading, intonation, double stops, vibrato, harmonics and musicianship. We welcome students who want to study classical, bluegrass, rock, and pop. Are Shobo Music Academy's music instructors qualified? Our violin faculty have received their musical education from such prestigious institutions as New York University, Manhattan School of Music, the Berklee College of Music to name a few.