Our director, Katrina Degel, is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, as well as NYU, with degrees in Music. All faculty members are accomplished musicians with decades of instrument and performance experience, as well as a passion for teaching. Moreover, the instruments that they teach are their primary instruments. We performs both a Florida state background check as well as a nationwide background check.

Shining Star Music Academy adopts the practice of positive encouragement. Our friendly and patient instructors know how to engage students in a positive, fun and encouraging learning environment where they can enjoy and progress at their own pace.

Performing in public is a wonderful way for students to build confidence, motivate them, learn time-management, and share their musical expression with others. It is also a joyful time for parents and family to get to see the improvement and creativity of the student.

We organize two yearly recitals, as well as retirement home performances throughout the year. Our Spring Recital is in May, and our Fall Recital is in December.

Contact Details

  City Gainesville , FL
  Phone Number (866) 674-3395

Products & Services

Piano Lessons

5 and up! Each student gets a free first lesson and evaluation with our Director, Katrina. She will let you know what to expect and ensure each student starts at the correct level.

Shining Star uses the latest and best in piano pedagogy to ensure that each student, regardless of their age and experience, will have a fun, encouraging and educational experience!

Voice Lessons

Singing is a very personal experience and a challenging instrument to learn. There is no button to push - it is an instrument we must learn through practicing, listening and proper guidance. A great teacher can help you belt out your favorite tune at karaoke, sing harmony at church, or even help you write your own melodies. Let's get started!

Guitar Lessons

Acoustic, Electric and Classical guitar are all specialties with our teachers. Our teachers are performers, as well as teachers, and can help you with any of your guitar goals!

Shining Star tailors guitar education to each student and level to ensure that, regardless of their age and experience, every student will have a fun, encouraging and educational experience!

Customer Testimonials

Katrina does a GREAT job connecting with our daughter and helping her both play the piano and sing. We love that she's teaching her the technical aspects (notation) as well as playing by ear. Thank you, Katrina!

Katrina is an amazing teacher who knows so much about the many subjects she instructs. I'm blessed to have found such a kind, amazing teacher.

What a perfect match for my daughter. Her teaching has boosted my daughters confidence & spirit. Katrina is very patient & flexible, I highly recommend her!

I just had my first lesson with Katrina and I ALREADY know she's an amazing teacher, approachable, very knowledgable, and does an excellent job balancing explaining WHY I'm doing something, HOW to do it, and then DOING it. I'm excited to continue workings with her and got lucky to have found the right person the first time.

My daughter loves Katrina. Her best teacher yet. Katrina is very professional yet friendly. Easy to work with.

Great introductory lesson with Katrina. She asked good questions to evaluate what I already know and then wrote up a lesson plan for me to start on. Since I'm returning to piano after many years off, there is so much I've forgotten and need to start over on. And yet other things that I still remember. That makes a lot of pieces to put together to keep it interesting.