Music is about way more than solo acts. School of Rock Vienna is as focused on community, teamwork, and friendships as it is on inspiring awesome music. Through our performance-based approach, we foster an inclusive community of rockers in Vienna to build a unique type of confidence only gained through cool, real life experiences. Whether we're in serious shredding-mode or just jamming along with the band, our team spurs the growth of real, practical skills for music-minded students.

At School of Rock Vienna, we believe everyone deserves to have fun and feel like a rock star. Visit us and get a feel for the awesome opportunities your child has waiting just around the corner.

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  • Private Music Lessons, Group Rehearsals and Performance Programs

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Our Performance Program introduces teamwork and collaboration into music instruction by grouping them with other kids to put on real rock shows at real music venues. Students will learn harmonies, musicianship and how to perform in an authentic rock show environment.
Each season, students hone their music skills by learning some of the greatest songs in rock and roll history. The program culminates with a real performance in a local music venue, where students get to jam on stage with their classmates.

Rock 101

At School of Rock, kids just starting out will learn the fundamentals of playing a musical instrument in a fun and interactive group environment.
This program includes weekly private instruction with one of our awesome teachers and a weekly group rehearsal. Our Rock 101 directors specialize in working with younger students and typically play along with the kids. And our curriculum is the most classic of classic rock.


The School of Rock Rookies program inspires first and second graders to pursue music by channeling their inner rock stars. Young rockers learn pitch, rhythm and musical teamwork through musical games and group rehearsal of simple rock songs. This hour-long program is entirely group based, so kids learn how to play in a band right from the start. The program Includes one weekly group rehearsal where they will experience the magic of playing all of the major rock instruments: guitar, bass, keyboard/piano, drums, and vocals.

Private Music Lessons

Weoffer private music lessons on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals.

Customer Testimonials

School of Rock has been my second home and the people I've met through it are some of the most important people in my life. I also never thought I'd get to be decent at an instrument, due to my lazy demeanor and my consistent ability to learn everything 80% of the way, but by the time of our last show, I felt like I had actually learned enough to where I consider myself a musician. I'm going to miss playing music in a band of talented kids that are all in one place, because outside of somewhere like SoR, its very hard to find that. Despite regular shows being pretty radical, I'd have to say that I have two favorite moments. First is the very first show I played in house band, the Rock and Roll Marathon (the Cowboy Mouth one). Never in my life prior to house band did I think that I would get the opportunity to play on a stage that big and for that many people. For the second one, I can group together both trips to Wildwood, NJ. Those trips were my first experiences playing music away from home, and it was glorious. There is nothing more American and awesome than playing music on the steps of the LINCOLN MEMORIAL. Then, we got to spend 2 days of pure rock awesomeness at the beach, playing on the boardwalk and meeting cool people. But in reality, my favorite moment was all of it. Every single second I've spent at School of Rock was worth it.

Dedicated instructors and staff, culture that encourages development, FUN!!!! 😀, kids get a unique experience - love playing in the "band" and playing rock songs. The program has launched my daughter (one of only a few bass guitar players) into a love of music that is inclusive of many instruments. Thanks to everyone at the School of Rock for managing such great programs!!! You truly have enriched our love of music!

The performance aspect of the program keeps my son more interested in music than he would be if he only took lessons. It also teaches him to work in a group and get to know and work with other musicians. Also, the program runs very smoothly.

School of Rock was a transformative experience for my children. My son started playing the bass guitar in 5th grade and hasn't stop playing ever since. The teachers and staff at SOR really care about the kids as a whole. The teachers, staff and students truly form a family. Middle school and the tween years are tricky and I never worried when he was with his SOR family. Literally, between house band & upto 3 shows per season, he would spend a good part of almost everyday at SOR!! He learned how to play multiple instruments, responsibility for being part of a team & confidence by getting on stage in front of strangers on a regular basis. If your child has any inclination towards music and the traditional programs are not their thing, try out SOR. I could not recommend it more!

School of Rock Vienna has been fabulous for my son. The kids have a blast and get the opportunity to learn from a great set of teachers, and the performance program is awesome

A great program for students of all ages. Great staff and a great vibe.


School of Rock - The Stage is the Ultimate Teacher

At School of Rock, we have a unique approach to teaching music that helps kids blossom in unimaginable ways. Our performance program gives every kid who participates the opportunity to work with a team and perform live in front of an audience. And along the way, they learn to work toward a goal, go outside their comfort zone, and kill a riff from "Kashmir".

Students at School of Rock have the opportunity to perform at some of the best stages in the country--Lollapalooza, Gathering of the Vibes, Summerfest, Red Rocks and more.

School of Rock - Developing People Who Rock

At School of Rock, we have a unique approach to teaching music that helps kids blossom in unimaginable ways. Our performance program gives every kid who participates the opportunity to work with a team and perform live in front of an audience. And along the way, they learn to work toward a goal, go outside their comfort zone, and kill a riff from "Kashmir".

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