The San Ramon School of Music now accepting new students! Lessons in Piano, Guitar, Voice, and Songwriting now available. All levels welcome. Opportunities to perform in coffeehouse settings and recitals. Brand new studios. School managed by critically acclaimed recording artist Jane Brody from NYC - a dynamic and inspiring singer/songwriter who has shared the stage the stage with such artists as Aimee Mann, Peter Buck (REM), Mike Scott (Waterboys), John Prine. 925-689-1602 Contact Jane Brody

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  City San Ramon, CA
  Zip Code 94583
  Address 2092 Omega Road, Suite C
  Phone Number (925) 521-4837
  Mobile 510-427-9106

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Piano Lessons

Piano is one of the easiest instruments to start out learning to play music. We teach from an early age through adult with all kinds of genres of music from Show Tunes, Jazz, Classical and Rock and Roll. We offer a number of different piano teaching methods and styles including traditional sight reading, playing without learning to read music, chord-based methods, improvisation, songwriting & theory. Our piano teachers will help you decide which is best for you based on your own personal goals. Piano study can begin as early as 5 years old. With an emphasis in classical style and a vast repertoire to choose from, piano students can study a wide variety of styles. For those new to music, Piano is an excellent start as it helps build a foundation in musicality without major limitations in developing sound, tone or intonation. Piano students at SRSM get to perform in a variety of recitals and concerts throughout the year.

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Jane is a fantastic teacher, and leads The San Ramon School of Music. Jane is a multi-talented musician, who is equally as talented as a music teacher. She makes things really fun for the kids and allows them time to really shine and show off at great performance shows. Jane's infectious up-beat personality encourages the other teachers as well.

Bring your children, or yourself to this school for well-structured lessons, positive feedback and that great feeling music brings. I've been an adult student of Jane's for many years, and highly recommend Jane and the school!

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This music school has very talented teachers who love their craft and teach their students to do the same. I highly recommend this School to anyone who wants to improve their musical talents and have fun while doing it :)!

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Young and old we've all dreamed of singing your song on stage, playing your favorite musical instrument or writing a song. Join the San Ramon School of Music today and start down the path to your musical journey to making your vision a reality!. Students will develop skills to learn form, rhythm, melody, as well as, harmonies to create their own musical vision. Classes designed to build self-confidence while also allowing the student to learn through collaboration with their peers. From traditional classical to pop/rock/folk styles.

Exploring how to take musical ideas and turning them into full songs with songwriting lessons is a rewarding pursuit! To bring your songs to life, you need to find a music school with professional instructors and quality programs. San Ramon School of Music offers private lessons for songwriting taught by our exclusive college-degreed faculty. Our lessons will help students understand the structure of songs, and from there transform them from the casual lyricist to the sharpest songwriter they can possibly be.

Leading the way to singing opportunities, either professionally or as a hobby. Our teachers are here to help you whether you are a complete beginner or are looking to improve on your current vocal skills. Many people think that singing ability is something you either have or you don't- but nothing could be further from the truth. We have had many students through the years who have come to us with perhaps less 'natural' vocal ability, but with tremendous drive, discipline, and work ethic, who now have professional careers.

If you have a good teacher in fact, it can be a blast! We are patient with all our beginners and we welcome students that have never even picked up a guitar before! How long will it take me to learn how to play? Most songs have some really fun riffs, licks & chords that you can take home with you after your very first lesson! Of course there are tons of more challenging songs that will take you longer. You will never get bored playing the guitar but you can learn songs you know right away! Should I learn on an acoustic or electric guitar?