Rocky Mountain Academy of Music exists to promote and encourage music in all its forms. We aim to make learning music fun and exciting. Our instructors are guided by three primary goals:

1. Ensure that learning music is fun

When students have fun, they learn faster, engage better, and have a personal drive to succeed.

2. Develop a firm understanding of fundamentals

Music fundamentals will ensure that students have a firm grasp of the building blocks of music, and that musical training will help to understand different styles of music, and build skills on each other as students develop and adapt as their goals, interests, or instrument changes.

3. Allow students to have a choice of materials

Allowing the students to choose their own goals and direction helps to encourage long term goals, discipline, and commitment. Music can enrich passion and Rocky Mountain Academy of Music seeks to guide students as they to learn, explore, appreciate, and find what notes strike a chord within them.

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  City Colorado Springs , CO
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  Phone Number (719) 722-0248

Products & Services

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Piano is incredibly valuable during childhood development. The independence of the left and right hands encourages strong connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Playing the piano is unlike any other behavior, and requires our brain to create a truly massive array of connections to develop the thought processes, dexterity, and flexibility that goes into being a skilled piano player. These connections help with critical thinking and creativity later in life.

The piano creates a visual interface to understand music, through which patterns emerge quickly. This visual interface allows for quick but complex processing of musical ideas, and allowing for a deep understanding of harmony. Because of this understanding combined with the early age at which it is possible to start learning to play the piano, and the flexibility that modern music technology creates, piano is one of the most versatile instruments available, and the instrument of both the past and future.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

One of the most popular instruments in the western tradition, the guitar was originally intended as a portable substitute for the piano, easily carried and moved, but providing the ability to produce an accompanying harmony using chords. An incredibly flexible instrument from its inception, a player can sing while playing, allowing a musician to accompany himself, while being free to move around. This portability makes guitar the ultimate campfire instrument. In addition, the guitar can be used to interpret written music, tablature, or chord symbols and diagrams, allowing incredible flexibility in a wide range of situations. This flexibility has resulted in a wide proliferation of the guitar in modern popular music, and as a result, the guitar is used in almost every style of music today.

Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons

The drums and percussive instruments are among the oldest instruments used by humans. Many cultures across the world use drums for ceremonial, cultural, and entertainment purposes. Whether a hollow log, an upside-down pan, or simply the side of a cheek, humans have been using drums for thousands of years.

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Benito is amazing and my 7 year old has so much fun learning piano. He has tons of patience for children and obviously enjoys teaching!

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Customer Testimonials

Fantastic staff and crew work here honestly, the moment I got into contact I knew I was working with reliable people. Benito has been gracious enough to put up with my nonsense on a weekly basis while providing help expertise to the various fields of music that I am interested in. Whether you are a beginner or veteran music performer The Rocky Mountain Academy of Music will help refine and develop your musical skill.

This studio is amazing. Multiple rooms, open space and personable teachers. I started taking piano lessons here a while ago and it's been an amazing experience. I feel like I'm learning a lot. The owner Benito is professional and great with kids. All the teachers here have so much experience and musical knowledge.
I highly recommend this studio out of any other music school in Colorado Springs.

The music academy is wonderful! I never imagined that my 5 year old would enjoy getting lessons on a weekly basis as much as she is, and that she would learn as fast as she is. Benito is absolutely great with her even with her (and most kids) propensity for wanting to wander around. Would definitely recommend!

Benito and his staff of instructors are wonderful to work with. Very professional, talented, and supportive of not only their students but of the music community in Colorado Springs. My teenager looks forward to his lesson every week!

This is by far the best music studio in town. The instructors are professional, friendly, and talented. My children don't get false compliments, they get sincere feedback and encouragement that makes them want to be better.

Benito, the owner of Colorado Springs' Rocky Mountain Academy of Music, had substituted for our son's previous piano teacher, and we sought him out to further Zack's music lessons. We are extremely impressed with the balance he strikes between knowing when to push our son to further develop his skills and when to step back a bit. Zack practices each week, now, because he knows that Benito expects it. Zack has high functioning autism and often dislikes leaving our house, but he never argues when it's time to leave for his piano lessons. This is high praise for Rocky Mountain Academy of Music!

The teachers at Rocky Mountain Academy of Music were professional and extremely knowledgeable. I feel like they really listened to me and customized my lessons to my skill level, learning style, and interests. The atmosphere of the studio was open, comfortable, clean and well designed. Overall, I would say Rocky Mountain Academy of Music is the most comfortable,diverse, professional , and caring music school I have attended. I would recommend Rocky Mountain Academy of Music to anyone that is interested in learning any type of music.