Introduction As an expert musician I have a passion for all kinds of music. I am a composer, a performer and an educator. This site will give you access to information about each side. Rob Ryndak knows how to make his piano sing a fine jazz tune, and he is one of the tops in his field, sensitive, stylish, innovative, sharing and enjoyable.

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  City Homewood, IL
  Zip Code 60430
  Phone Number (708) 957-8679

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What I like most about performing is the opportunity to share my music with an audience. In that intimate interaction, I find much inner peace and life-giving energy. With some success with clubs and jazz festivals, my ensemble is looking forward to expanding our performance opportunities with performing art centers around the country.

Composer/pianist Rob Ryndak has put together an engaging collection of compositions that sounds ripe for radio play. His melodies tug at your ear while the grooves push at your feet. As a composer it is gratifying to be really heard and understood and appreciated. I am glad I was able to share my music with all those involved in this project, especially the outstanding musicians and my loving family. In my six recordings as a signed recording artist, I have created all original music and have recorded with the likes of Brian Lynch, Paul Wertico, Steve Cole, Ruben Alvarez, Geof Bradfield, Larry Gray, Bobby Lewis, and Jim Gailloreto.