Rachel Leigh is a girl who writes and sings from the depth of her soul. Her talent as a musician and songwriter has captivated and inspired. In addition to her pretty voice and her eloquence on the guitar she is a perfect teacher. She has been playing guitar for over 14 years and has had professional training in various styles and techniques.

Contact Details

  City Pueblo, CO
  Zip Code 81007
  Phone Number (719) 252-4334

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Plays guitar well enough.
  • Unprofessional. In need of an attitude check.

Not very nice. She's manipulative, fake, and seems to have a "wondering eye". Does NOT respect the rules of "boundaries"... Absolutely uncalled for.... Not a great choice, in my opinion.

Value for moneyI'd rather spend my money on something a guitar lesson DVD.
Service & supportNot supportive, at all! I found someone who listens to me, now.
QualityI've heard/experienced better music.... I can't learn from her.
LocationThe further away, the better.
Overall ratingPoor