Thank you for your interest in our school. This web page will explain who we're, what we do, and how we can assist you get began and get ahead in the audio/music recording industry. You possibly have much in common with the people you will find at the Recording Workshop. You listen to music seriously, and maybe you perform or create it too.

Contact Details

  City Chillicothe, OH
  Zip Code 45601
  Address 455 Massieville Road
  Phone Number (800) 848-9900

From Our Website

TheRecW teaches the skills needed to start a career as an audio engineer, live sound engineer, or be a music producer. These skills are also vital for someone who wants to create their own music with full artistic control over how things will sound- to monetize yourself on the web, and take your show on the road. Our training is designed to accommodate students from a wide variety of backgrounds - musician or non-musician, those who already own a project studio or those who have never been in a studio before.