Learn to sing & improve your vocal technique with the READY TO SING voice lessons, vocal exercises & workouts! Eve Soto (your vocal coach) explains and describes in the lessons the vocal techniques that you will be practicing. The exercises are great way to follow up the lessons, easy to follow and an effective way to improve your singing technique. The exercises and workouts are put to pop style music so learning, practicing or just warming up is not only fun but I will enjoy hearing your singing improve as you sing the vocal exercises and workouts!

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  Person Eve Soto
  City Mount Vernon, NY
  Zip Code 10553
  Address 137 S 5th Ave
  Phone Number (914) 659-9876

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Eve Soto

Vocal Coach

Growing up in Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Eve studied voice and violin at the White Plains Conservatory of music and local creative arts programs, attended ConCordia College with a music scholarship and graduated with a BA. An introduction to the music industry came from Mt. Vernon music moguls Heavy D and Dave Hall (Untouchables). Eve entered the music industry as a recording artist and continued as a vocal coach/vocal producer, recording engineer/producer and songwriter.

Eve is currently working with Indiggo Child Record Producing & Publishing, The Record Guru, AMS Records, Director f First Presbyterian Church Teen Choir (and member), and coaches singers and recording artist reach their singing goals.

Products & Services

Workshops / Group Singing Classes

Workshops / Group Singing Classes

Learn basic techniques to help you improve your singing and keep your voice in shape. The group classes focus on learning Vocal technique, Vocal exercises and Song Presentation. 5-8 persons per class max., Call to reserve.

Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

Vocal Coach, Recording Engineer, and Song Writer, Eve Soto coaches Singers of all ages and levels in various genres and specializes in customizing your lessons to help you achieve your singing goals. Beginner to Advanced - All Ages.

Subjects Taught: Breathing, Pitch, Range, Resonance (vibratto, Crescendo, Tone) , Registers /Placement - Belting Harmony, Improvisation, Artist Development - Solo & Groups, Songwriting/ arranging.

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Eve Soto teaches you the basics of breathing , staying in your key, different styles of sining,if you're planning to be a professional singer or just want to have fun.
Ready To Sing Voice lessons is a big plus.
She works hard to get you to the level that you WANT to be.

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Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Has a role in "Music And Lyrics" starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. "Ready To Sing Exercises and workouts has just the right vibe for me! I have to keep up with my singing, dancing and acting. I enjoy eve's innovative approach to teaching. I workout with the exercises in between all of my classes!

Aspiring R&B and Reggae Singer, Model, Actress. The Vocal Lessons provided by Eve were very effective, very fun and also challenging. The lessons also helped me to be vocally open and less shy. I enjoyed !! It's totally worth a try, you won't regret, Just Buy !!

I am an aspiring model and singer. I took interest in Eve's vocal lessons as a way to improve and learn different vocal techniques. As part of my training I was introduced to the vocal exercises. I find them as much entertaining as they are helpful. I practice them while I am at the computer doing work or surfing the net . I do not find myself dedicating a special amount of time doing them, but rather in my leisure and have still seen an improvement in technique, control and breathing. And it always remains fun for me. I would recommend them to anyone with a busy life as they are so easy to fit into a complex schedule. Best of luck.

Pop Country singer and songwriter. "I am recording my album in Nashville. The Ready To Sing Exercises are the best tool in my singers toolbox! It has helped me develop the techniques I need as a singer/recording artist. The exercises are fun and have helped me to strengthen my voice and my confidence.


Voice Lessons & Exercises- Eve Soto - Vocal Coach- Rihanna/. Drake-Breathing,Pitch,Vibrato,Range

ReadyToSing Eve Soto http://readytosing.net/vlcddownld.html#cd1 ,Yourvocalcoach, coaches YOU through this challenging and fun vocal exercise put to "Say My Name" by Rihanna featuring Drake. This voice lesson is designed to improve your breathing, pitch sustaining, vibrato & crescendos.. Repeat this exercise until it becomes easier, then use it as a warm- up.
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