Rachel Harris Music Studio, based in Alvin, Texas, serves students in Alvin, Manvel, Friendswood, Pearland and surrounding communities. Individual lessons and group classes are available for students of all ages in: Voice, Guitar, General Music, Music Theory, Music Therapy, and Adaptive Music. Music Classes for Home School students and families are also available!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Music Therapy and Adaptive Music Lessons
  • Music Classes and lessons for Home School students and families
  • Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Music Theory and General Music

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Music Therapist-Board Certified
  • American Music Therapy Association Member

Serviced Areas

  • Alvin, Manvel, Pearland, Friendswood, and surrounding areas

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, PayPal, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  Person Rachel Harris
  City Alvin, TX
  Zip Code 77511
  Phone Number (520) 991-4995

Business Representative

Rachel Harris


I am a graduate of New York University and Shenandoah University, and am a professionally trained and Board-Certified Music Therapist. The services that I offer are varied and my teaching methods are eclectic. Each student's experience in my studio is custom tailored to their unique needs, based on their strengths and ability level. My goal is to assist each of my students in achieving their personal best every day, in and out of the music studio.
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email: rachelthemusiclady@gmail.com

Products & Services

Music Therapy

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My particular brand of Music Therapy is based in the concept that music is accessible and beneficial for everyone, and that through involvement in music-based activities, each student will develop necessary skill sets that will help them achieve their very best in all aspects of life.

Music Therapy is a customized program of music based activities, determined by the student's strengths, interests, and goal areas, which are quantitatively and qualitatively measured and assessed to ensure maximum benefit and growth over a specific period of time.

Depending on the nature of the student's impairment, a family member or care taker may be asked to remain and assist during Music Therapy sessions; this not only ensures that the student experiences the best possible session, but also that someone at home will be able to assist with weekly "practicing" and "home work" between sessions.

Practice and Home Work assignments are given as a continuum of care in an effort to assist with the transference of skills from studio to real life over time. These assignments are also a fun way to engage with family and friends and encourage appropriate social and emotional interaction.

Voice Lessons

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Your life should have a soundtrack. Why not be the one singing it?

Regardless of whether your dream is to be a professional musician, to be confident in singing with the church choir, or even just to be ready for your next karaoke night, I can help you attain your personal best.

The study of vocal technique requires personal commitment because of the time and effort one must put in to it. Students learn music theory, ear training, and musicianship; practice, warm-up and performance techniques are taught over time and with regard to the student's level of expertise, vocal range and style.

Students will also learn posture, breathing, vocal care, intonation, placement, diction, interpretation, and more. After basic skills have been successfully learned, song study, character development, audition and other advanced skills and techniques will be taught. Warm ups are taught and provided for home use, regardless of skill level. Students are expected to arrive for their lesson already warmed up.

Homework is given weekly and may cover anything from music theory worksheets, to listening activities, to song studies, to singing in front of friends and family. Students must come prepared for their lesson each week with completed homework and ready to demonstrate what they've been practicing. Daily practice is required for forward progress.

Guitar Lessons

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Ever think about learning to play the guitar, but not sure where or how to start? Your'e not alone.

Most people who want to learn to play the guitar don't have dreams of becoming a rock star, they just want to be able to play for themselves, for friends and family. Either way, the best way to begin is with lessons!

Guitar students learn the fundamentals of music theory as it applies to the guitar, how to read music (TAB available after successful completion of music literacy test.) , the anatomy of the guitar, how to clean and maintain their instrument (including how to change strings, tune and troubleshoot basic problems) .

After the basics are successfully completed, the student will learn chord structure, advanced music theory for guitar, strum patterns, and will begin studying popular songs in a variety of styles.

Homework is given weekly. Students must complete their homework in order to move forward in lessons; daily practice is required for forward progress. Students must come to lessons with homework completed and must be ready to demonstrate what they've been practicing.

General Music

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The General Music course is for everyone who loves music, but doesn't know much about it. Want to know which instruments you're hearing at the symphony? Would you like to get comfortable with the basics of music that everyone should know? With budget cuts to the arts in schools across the nation, so many students have been and still are missing out on the joy of interacting with music on a level that used to be commonplace. General Music class provides opportunities much like those afforded to students generations ago, that included basic music theory and ear training, singing, playing instruments, identifying orchestral instruments, composers and musical styles. Students will learn a smattering of musical information from across the ages of western music including music history, music theory, folk and patriotic songs, the anatomy of the orchestra and instrument families. Students will also have the opportunity to find their voice and get comfortable using it in every day contexts (think: singing happy birthday at birthday parties) .

Homework is assigned weekly and will include a variety of tasks such as worksheets, assigned music listening, readings, singing and more. Homework must be completed before the next lesson and students must come to each lesson prepared to show their work.

This is a general music class focused on developing a well-rounded musical experience for any student - school age through adult.

Music Theory

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Dream of being a composer? Want to write a love song for your sweetheart? Just want to get a better grasp of what all those lines, spaces and black dots on the page mean? Music Theory is the foundation on which all music is built. In order to master any instrument, to achieve vocal competence and to develop professional musicianship, you must understand and be able to successfully utilize the informational tools and skills cultivated through the study of music theory.

The second half of theory is ear training, or, aural comprehension, meaning that you understand what you're hearing when listening to music. Together, these two elements train your eyes, ears, body and brain to receive, process, and produce or recreate musical information. These are the building blocks that any successful musician needs.

If you are taking any type of lessons with me, you will learn music theory as it applies to your instrument. If you're not taking lessons with me, or if you just want a more in depth study of this fascinating subject, This is the class for you. Students learn basics through advanced theory, with periodic quizzes and tests.

Homework is assigned weekly and will include a variety of tasks, such as worksheets, listening, composition, rhythm exercises and more. Homework must be completed before the next lesson. Students must come to their lesson prepared to demonstrate what they have been practicing.

Customer Testimonials

Mrs. Harris created such an impactful, beneficial, and inviting atmosphere from the moment I started singing lessons. As a college student, who's currently under a tight budget, Mrs.Harris' singing lessons were entirely under priced for the quality of lessons that were given to me. I learned so much from her program and at a price that didn't break the bank. Mrs.Harris constructed a lesson plan that fitted my growth as a singer to the exact "t". She pin pointed my strengths and built upon my weaknesses. Time and time again I've recommended Mrs.Harris for vocal coaching. If you want to excel and become the best, you must absolutely learn from the best and I believe you can absolutely do that through this program.

Our family would like to thank you for helping our daughter on her road to music. She is practicing (guitar) on her own now. She will be attending junior high school this fall and has picked some classes that are music orientated. She would have never chosen the 2 electives had it not been for your inspiration. Thank you for that. You are in our opinion the best one on one teacher... Thank you.

Rachel's music studio provides a professional, high-quality teaching environment that's rare (in this area). Rachel's own great and diverse education and her long experience as a teacher and a performer really show through. What I especially like about her is that she adjusts her teaching individually to every students needs and never runs out of patience. I highly recommend Rachel to all my singing enthusiastic friends and family.

Rachel Harris has been one of the best parts about our move. She has been providing singing lessons/instruction to my daughter for over a year. My daughter loves her lessons and we have been pleased with the knowledge, skill, and teaching from Ms. Harris. I would recommend her to people of all ages and levels.