The school is now providing the exciting Rock University Program! Four lessons for the price of two! German Lessons - Dr. Andrea Fieler who teaches at Northern Kentucky University is now giving German lessons here. Besides being a native born German who speaks flawless English, Anderea has a doctorate in German.

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  City Cincinnati, OH
  Zip Code 45241
  Address 3660 Hauck Rd
  Phone Number (513) 772-3225

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The Toedtman School of Music provides instruction to people of all ages and talents. If your desire is to make a career of music or if you are interested in music for enjoyment and relaxation, we have the team to help you. Our experienced music and voice instructors are some of the best available. The Toedtman School of Music, currently located in Cincinnati Ohio's suburb of Sharonville, was founded by Melissa and John K. Toedtman in the Spring of 1974. By 1982 the School had outgrown its home on Laurel Avenue in Madeira Ohio.

Mr. Gottlieb holds a Bachelor of Music. He judges regularly for the National Guild of Piano Teachers. Mr. Gottlieb has taught Cincinnati piano lessons at the Toedtman School of Music for 25 years. For lessons with Ken or any of our other fine piano teachers, use the contact form below or give us a ring at 513.772.7900.

Ms. Yvette Kuo is passionate to help students feel the fun in piano playing, reach their full potential, and work towards students' short and long term goals in their musical journey. She accepts students of all levels and ages and offers traditional instructions that incorporates trainings for reading music, sight-reading, theory and ear-training, harmonization and improvisation. Her lessons aim to create a fun learning environment, while setting expectations and emphasizes discipline, so student's learning journey are effective and beneficial in the long run.

The Greek philosopher, Plato, said that music instruction is the most important of all the arts and sciences for children because it develops equally both the emotional and the rational, scientific sides of the human brain. Music has also been shown to increase IQ, hand-eye coordination, and the power of concentration while providing a means of expressing the deepest emotions of the human soul that transcend anything words alone can say. Our goals for each student include fostering a lifetime joy of creating music and passing this love of the art on to future generations.

If you have interest in getting your children involved with music lessons, group music lessons are a great way to go! Call Toedtman School of Music at 513.772.7900 or use the contact form below.

We here at Toedtman School of Music, the first private music school in Cincinnati, obviously value the importance of music lessons - we've been providing private music instruction in the Cincinnati area since 1974! But we also realize that it's important to ensure that each music student clicks well with their music instructor, and that they feel excited about their music lessons moving forward - ensuring they continue to have music in their life for years to come. That's why we offer a free introductory music lesson at our Cincinnati music studio located in West Chester Ohio!