My name is Virginia Smith. I am a Scottish Bagpipe instructor iin Fort Worth, Texas. I have been teaching students of all ages since 2006. My students enjoy perfoming solo and playig in bands and some of them have competed successfully in solo piping competitions. I try to teach bagpipes along with fundamental music skills so that the piper is a well-rounded musician. The instrument is demanding and takes time to learn, but it is fun and rewarding to play and we have a great time in my studio.

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  • Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas

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  Person Virginia Smith
  City Fort Worth, TX
  Phone Number (601) 467-5920

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Virginia Smith

Bagpipe Instructor

Bachelor of Music - University of Southern Mississippi - May 2004
North American Academy of Piping 2003, 2004 - piper of the week, 2005
Red River Pipes and Drums piping workshop, Shreveport, LA 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Winter Storm bagpipe workshop, Kansas City, MO 2007, 2008
Current Instructor since March 2005 - John Cairns - Ontario, Canada

Father of Waters Pipes and Drums 2002 - 2003 Webmaster
Hub City Pipes and Drums 2004 - 2005 Bandmaster/founding member
Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums - competition roster 2005, 2006
Fort Worth Scottish Pipes and Drums 2008 - 2011

Products & Services

Bagpipe Service

Bagpipe Service

Bagpipe service can range from a reed setup to detailed work on hemp and joints, to seasoning a bag or oiling the bores or polishing silver mounts. I have always enjoyed working on bagpipes and helping people figure out how to care for and maintian their pipes. I charge a reasonable amount for these types of services and hope to teach people so they can do these things themselves in the future. I've also found myself charged with the care of bagpipes that have been out of service or pipes that are simply frustrating their owners. Often a fresh perspective on the difficulties and some time away from the bagpipe in quesstion are the cure for chronic problems. In bagpipe service patience is the key. Taking the time needed to do a thorough job will save a lot of time in the future. When I get a set of pipes in need of attention, I spend as much time on them as if they were my own and I don't stop working untill the job is done properly.

Bagpipe Lessons

Bagpipe Lessons

Many new pipers try to teach themselves to play. This usually presents problems since the music and technique of the pipes are very specific and must be taught by somoene who undestands them. I have had personal experience with this and found in my own piping career that having an instructor is much more productive to the new piper.

I am available to teach beginning to intermediate bagpipe lessons in the Fort Worth, Texas area. My approach is to teach music as well as bagpipes. Students will learn from the onset the basics of musical language including history, theory, rhythm, sightreading, and singing. I believe bagpipers should be thought of as musicians by themselves as well as by other musicians, and the basis for this is learning about music from the start.

Students will also learn the proper tuning and maintenance of the bagpipe as soon as possible. One of the most important elements to a good sound is a solid well-tuned instrument, and in the absence of a teacher, a student should be able to make a good attempt at keeping the bagpipe in working order. A bagpipe which sounds good and is in good working order will also encourage more and better practice.

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My name is Virginia Smith. I am a full-service bagpiper in Fort Worth, Texas. I teach people of all ages to play the Great Highland Bagpipe and have performed at a variety of events. I would be happy make your event special. If you are interested in bagpipe performance or bagpipe lessons, take a look around and contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to be a piper too.

The tune list has grown too large to list them all. Below are some categories of music with a few examples listed in each. If there is a tune you don't see here, contact me and request it. I either know it, or I can find it and learn it with enough advance notice. For some specific tunes that I particularly like, try my audio samples. And if you are not sure what music is right for your event, just ask and I'll be happy to offer some suggestions. One of my pursuits in piping is making musically satisfying arrangements of tunes as well as writing some "songs" of my own.