I teach kids and teens; beginners to more advanced. I treat each student with respect and kindness, and feel I'm a music coach rather than a rigid taskmaster. My students learn catchy tunes right from the beginning, with familiar songs like "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "It's a Small World". Disney songs follow in the months after that! Of course, we also learn all the fundamentals of music, but my students are so busy practicing cool songs that they don't realize that they're actually learning piano or flute. Each lesson is tailored specifically to each student, since every one is special and unique in their talents and abilities. I don't expect perfection from my students, just to do their best each week. We celebrate accomplishments, and learn how to deal with disappointment when flubs are made.

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Children who are able to read catch on quickly, which usually means a child can start around the age of 6. Musical concepts are introduced at an easy pace, with songs that kids can sing around the house and play on the piano. We learn rhythms, the musical alphabet, and how to hold your hand like a living spider, not a dead one. Each child learns at their own pace, with supplemental material added as necessary. Really, the hardest part of playing piano is remembering to do it every day!

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Joy is awesome! My 12 year old son adores her. She is SO patient and kind and great teacher. She instills confidence in my son I never knew he had!

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Dear parents, Joy was my son's piano teacher for 6 years and my daughter's for two years until she moved to the east coast. When I was looking for a piano teacher, I wanted one that could easily relate to young kids and make learning fun. My son's first piano teacher was too serious, he wanted to quit after 2 years, and it was always a struggle to get him to practice. I am so glad that we found Joy! My son who is now 14 years old has thanked me for finding Joy and not letting him quit. Yes, there were times when he didn't practice, but he knew Joy was a fun (and patient) teacher and he enjoys playing the piano now thanks to her. My daughter could not wait for her weekly piano lessons with Joy. She loved getting her stickers, filling out her practice chart and earning her reward. Even Joy's piano recitals were fun for the kids. There was always a theme to her recitals (like crazy hair, Hawaiian, dinosaurs, etc.). Both my kids enjoyed their lessons with Joy and miss her very, very much. We would definitely recommend Joy if you are looking for a piano teacher that creates a fun learning environment and is great with kids.

Dear Joy, Thank you for being my piano teacher!! I have learned and had so much fun!!!!I hope you will be my piano teacher forever!!!

This letter is to recommend Joy Tremont as a wonderful and highly competent piano teacher. Joy taught my son, Michael, piano for 3 1/2 years. Not only did she teach him the fundamentals of piano and music, she did so in a fun and relaxing way. As Michael progressed in his ability, Joy kept the lessons challenging; inspiring Michael to keep practicing and learning. Joy invited her students to play in a recital twice a year, which was a great tool to keep them competitive and sharp. As Michael’s ability increased, so did his confidence—I credit Joy with this, because he truly looked forward to his weekly lesson and performing for her. Even when Joy told us that she was moving, she helped us find another teacher that fit Michael’s personality. In summary, Joy is an exceptional piano teacher that I recommend highly.