My goal is to provide a well-rounded musical education for all my students and help them to obtain skills they can use for the rest of their lives. My responsibility is to provide a good atmosphere for learning. I can assure you that high professional standards will be maintained during all period of studying procedures. Definite goals will be established for each student personally. I will continue to improve my skills by belonging to required professional organizations, attending needed workshops and other educational programs together with engaging in all other activities for professional growth.

With our common goals we can look forward to the exiting and rewarding musical year.

There will be Yearly Recitals, for which each student earn the trophy.

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  Person Piano Lessons
  City Frisco, TX
  Zip Code 75035
  Address 9620 Preston Vineyard Dr
  Phone Number (972) 377-0510

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Piano Lessons

My name is Yelena. I have been playing piano for more than 50 years and teaching piano for the past 37 years. Music is my life - and my greatest joy comes from sharing this passion with my students.
In 1989 I moved to the US and started sharing my love of piano with American students.
With the seven years of the special music school in the former Soviet Union and four years in college, I possess a bachelor degree in fields of Teacher for children´┐Żs musical school and professional piano accompanist.

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I would like welcome you to the current season of piano lessons and explain what it takes to make piano education a success. What it takes is more then 30 minute lessons. My students participate in a lot of activities: recitals, festivals, state theory tests, competitions and state ensemble. To make all this happen requires my participation and membership in professional music organizations. I belong to the National Music Teacher Association, Texas Music Teacher Association, Frisco Music Teacher Association and Steinway Educator Partnership.