Take private guitar, piano, ukulele, violin, bass, and banjo lessons in San Diego from experienced, friendly, and professional instructors at Paper Moon Music. Whether you are interested in a specific style or simply want to learn the basics, Paper Moons music lessons in San Diego enable you to learn at your own pace. Lessons are tailored to your musical interests and goals.

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Music Lessons for All Ages

Music Lessons for All Ages

Providing quality lessons in San Diego in guitar, piano, ukulele, violin, bass and banjo.

Customer Testimonials

So glad to have found Paper Moon! We switched from a large "fancy" music school to Paper Moon. It may not be as fancy, but the instruction is amazing - and it feels cozy and intimate! In a few guitar lessons, my son has learned so much and is so motivated again. Joe really "gets" him and is teaching him theory and basics while allowing him to play classic rock too!!!!

Paper Moon Music is a really fantastic music studio. I began music lessons for the first time in my life when I was 70. I’m sure Scot thought, “Oh no, another old duffer!” When I walked in the door I had three goals: to learn to play the guitar, to read music and to learn music theory. Scot is teaching me to play the guitar (My wife can actually recognize some of the pieces I’m playing) and he has never once inferred that I was too old or not capable of learning! The pace that he sets is challenging but always with in my ability to comprehend. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge and abilities in music, Paper Moon Music is the place to go!

Dillon is an excellent guitar teacher who has shown me the proper techniques of classical guitar playing and other finger style music. He is very patient and works with your own pace or level. At each lesson, he gradually introduces you new methods and adds new songs to learn. You will never get bored.

My daughter is taking lessons with Joe and it has been an amazing experience so far and I doubt it will ever be anything less than amazing. Joe is so patient and teaches her in a way she understands. From what Ive seen just hanging out during her lessons, it seems that every instructor in there is extremely talented and knowledgeable. Studio is cozy and clean and you feel welcomed and comfortable right away. So glad we found this place...I can't imagine us anywhere else.

i've been taking lessons with Joe for over two years, and it has helped me improve tremendously. I still have so much to learn, and there's still so much i can do better; however, i can play some tunes now in a manner that is (almost) nice to listen to. When i started with Joe, i was really awful; now i'm merely bad. Definitely recommend the studio- they are all great players, and they all bring a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to the studio and to their students. Rates are quite reasonable as well.....

Nate Ware is truly a guitar master. He is a patient and encouraging teacher, fun to work with, and inspirational. The students in the other studios seem to be having just as good a time with their instructors as I do. Nate and Paper Moon Music get top recommendations from me!

I've taken ukulele and guitar lessons with Alex and piano lessons with Izabella. Both experiences have been amazing! These instructors are friendly, professional, and encouraging. I would definitely recommend Paper Moon Music to anyone looking to learn a new instrument or build on skills they already have.

I have not had a lesson at Paper Moon Music either, but my son has had two banjo lessons with Joe Amato. I stuck around for the first lesson, much to my 12 year old son's horror, and felt Joe to be a great instructor for Nick. Nick has never had a musical lesson, and Joe was very patient, positive and encouraging. You really can't say no to giving Paper Moon Music a shot, they only charge 15 dollars for an introductory lesson. In that lesson, which I thought was so cool, Joe tried to connect with Nick. He asked why he wanted to play the banjo, what type of music he liked to listen too. I was so impressed when Nick came home so enthusiastic and showed me he could strum along to "Tell it to Me" by Old Crow Medicine Show.

Great Place! Give it a go.

My son and I have been studying with Nate for several years. We've both learned a lot and really enjoy the journey. Nate is an amazing instructor that always finds ways to make learning fun. He can add a little music theory to even a simple solo which adds a lot to every lesson. He can take some difficult scale or chord theory and make it musical so it makes more sense. Paper Moon rocks.


Julio Lemos plays "A Voz do Morro" in San Diego 2017

Brazilian guitarist and educator Julio Lemos played at Paper Moon Music in April of 2017. Here he performs Z Keti's composition "A Voz do Morro" on the 7-string guitar with pandeiro by Claudia Lyra from BRAPA - Brazilian Portuguese and Arts. Paper Moon Music is a music instruction studio in San Diego, California.

La La Land - Mia & Sebastian's Theme - Piano full version

Piano theme by Justin Hurwitz from the film "La La Land". Learn to play piano in many styles at Paper Moon Music - a boutique San Diego music education studio focusing on private music lessons for all ages and levels. http://www.papermoonmusic.com

Blue Bossa chords and melody / free lead sheet and TAB

Work on this jazz standard and get the lead sheet on our website. www.PaperMoonMusic.com
Paper Moon Music is a San Diego music lessons studio.

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