Students receive personal piano instruction and have the possibility to work independently on many music computer programs. Usually, 2 students share an hour - while one is studying at the piano, the other is working independently on the computer.

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  City Marietta, GA
  Zip Code 30066
  Phone Number (770) 401-4828

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I have had the pleasure of teaching many students of all ages through the years and have taught in the Atlanta area for more than 30 years. Before moving to Atlanta, I taught in California, Okinawa and North Carolina. Serving in churches as choir director, pianist, and organist was a highlight through the years. Students are involved in many music activities such as girl scouts, boy scouts, sports etc. They are dancers, they play instruments in their school band and orchestra, they participate in church music activities.

Online students receive individual piano instruction that is tailored to each student based on their age, skill level, and musical interests. Lessons are enhanced by a partnership with Joytunes Piano Maestro. All students have the opportunity to use the Piano Maestro program at home with the studio account. As a member of GMMTA (Greater Marietta Music Teachers' Association) students have the opportunity to participate in GMMTA events which take place during the year. We also have two studio performance events during the Music Studio year.