Welcome to the premier Connecticut recording studio, production sound design facility, and our all new studio experience program. We pride ourselves with being much more than just a recording studio. Whether it's flawless product, creative production, or guidance in the music industry, our mission is to build long term relationships with our customers, and aid them gain their immediate and long term goals.

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  City Manchester, CT
  Zip Code 06040
  Address 56 Cooper Strt
  Phone Number (860) 436-4581

Find me another studio that actually gives a crap about how you sound, what you do as a band, and where you go with your music after you make an album then get back to me. I saw some post on here from some idiot who compared these guys to used car salesmen. Dude listen, your album probably came out like crap because you aren't good. Don't blame them for anything. Theirs jobs aren't to take your music and put it through some crazy process to make it sound tolerable (unless you are britney spears of course.Britney, is that you?) Anyway, my point is that this is a fantastic studio run by professionals who want to help you put your music in the right places and get in the hands of the right people. Not to mention, they want to help you evolve as musicians and artists. Reasonably priced, tons of connections fincluding good prices with cds and what not, and a great experience. 5 stars.