Olenka School of Music supplies year-round music education for the whole family. Our experiential music curriculum embraces the entire-person approach to learning. We supply a fun, stimulating and rich combination of methods and materials which are successful for all different learning styles. We teach music as a language: First through sounds, then reading and finally writing.

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  City Columbia, MD
  Zip Code 21046
  Address 10015 Old Columbia Rd
  Phone Number (410) 309-0774

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Our music school philosophy is built on the belief that everyone is born with musical talent. With over 25+ years of success, our progressive, holistic curriculum has proven to keep children excited and engaged to learn the universal language of music!

The school and curriculum are designed to make learning fun, exciting, and challenging enough to push students to their potential. The goal is to create a proven pathway that motivates your child to build on their natural talent and create unimaginable opportunities for them in the future. OSM's owner/director, Olenka Stasyshyn, emigrated from Ternopil, Ukraine to the U.S. in 1990. Olenka began teaching piano lessons at the young age of 12 years old. As a graduate of Ukraine's Lviv Conservatory, Olenka began developing the cornerstone of her music philosophy: Teaching Music as a Language.

Explore the excitement of sharing the magic of music with your infant in our Music Together Class! Make the best childhood memories by immersing your child into the first steps of the exciting path to learning the universal language of music. OSM's caring and professionally trained instructors will lead you through fun, age - appropriate singing, dancing, and instrumental activities, while tapping into all of the emotional and developmental benefits of early childhood music education. You and your little one will have so much fun in this socially-engaging class, while sharing a wonderful learning experience in OSM's music community.

All classes are structured in a supportive, group setting with professional, experienced teachers, and use a curriculum specifically designed by OSM to meet a variety of music objectives with fun age-appropriate activities. Did you know that our private lessons are individually tailored for the best customized experience? AND - to reach peak potential - private lessons can be combined with a group class, in our "Combination" Programs!