New Horizon Music Studios is a fully-equipped teaching and recording facility in Stroudsburg, PA. Our mission is to help you realize all of your musical goals. Whether your goal is to play casually or professionally, record for personal or professional use, we will provide you with all of the tools necessary to succeed.

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  • Full recording studio and music school!

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  Person Gary & Ginger Wehrkamp
  City Stroudsburg, PA
  Zip Code 18360
  Address 211 Helen Street
  Phone Number (570) 371-6672

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Gary & Ginger Wehrkamp


Gary & Ginger Wehrkamp, Owners

Gary Wehrkamp has been teaching, performing, engineering and producing for the past 23 years. He has performed at Yankee and Giant Stadiums, The Ritz Carlton and at the World Trade Center Memorial Run to name a few. He has toured the U.S. with The Boxtops and Europe with Shadow Gallery. Gary had Judged FOX's X-Factor and NEPA's American Idol. He has written for Rock Hard Magazine, been voted #5 Keyboard Player of the Year in 1995, and Producer of the Year in 1998.

He has been involved with many charitable events and is co-founder of The Wishmakers, a local charity organization. Gary has been involved in one facet or another on scores of albums throughout the years, which have sold in excess of 500,000. Gary's commitment to teaching, playing and recording is evident in the projects he has worked on and in the lives he has changed.

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Teaching Facility - guitar, bass, drum, piano lessons and vocal lessons.

♫ Lessons at our facility.
30 min - $23. 00
45 min - $33. 00
60 min - $43. 00
90 min - $63. 00

♫ Lessons in your home.
30 min - $27. 00
45 min - $37. 00
60 min - $47. 00
90 min - $65. 00

♫ Discounts available for families with 2 or more students.

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Customer Testimonials

I came to know Gary first as a fan, then had the opportunity to work with him in depth on the Amaran's Plight album. I knew he was talented, but when you're in the weeds with someone as it is created, you really get a chance to see what they can do. Gary is a shockingly good multi-instrumentalist. He plays at an extremely high level pretty much any instrument. In addition to that, he's able to write material, get it recorded and then also step back as a producer and objectively look at what is there and do what is right for the music. What he turns out from his studio is really top notch in terms of quality, the instrumentation, the audio, all excellent. I've also had the occasion to hire Gary as a guest musician on projects and everyone that has worked with him made comments about how easy he was to work with and the high quality of what we got back.

Because I thought he [Gary Wehrkamp] was funny I decided to allow him to play a solo on 'Flight of the Migrator'. The joke was on me then it was one of the best solos I had ever heard; a combination of playfulness (Steve Vai), virtuosity (Edward van Halen) and speed (Yngwie Malmsteen) and still with a completely recognizable own sound. It goes without saying that I worked with Gary again on the Star One album 'Space Metal', especially because he had to play a duel with the fastest keyboard player of the world Jens Johansson (the outcome is undecided). That solo is the reason I never dared play the song 'Master of Darkness' live..."

When I began looking into finding a locally based music instructor, I considered 2 main criteria: 1. Musical Skills. 2. Teaching Abilities. I discovered Gary Wehrkamp demonstrated the caliber of musical skills and teaching abilities you would find exclusively at prestigious music schools or in big cities. As a guitar, piano, drum, and recording student of Gary's for over ten years now, all I can say is that Gary is THE BEST! I would highly recommend Gary to anyone looking to become a better musician.

Great studio, excellent talent, easy to work with. Highly recommend.

Gary Wehrkamp is incredible. I have been studying with him for approximately 7 years. Before I started to regularly study with him, my interest in music was inconsistent. I liked music, but I was not committed. As I continued to study with Gary, my taste for music blossomed. Now, I am head-over-heels for my craft. I possess an insatiable desire to continue to learn and to grow more. I cannot help but to be permanently influenced by Gary’s ingenious musical insight as well as his infectiously warm and fun personality.

For a musician of such high caliber, Gary nonetheless believed in me at a young age (which still blows my mind). As a Freshman in college, Gary asked me to audition to sing back-up vocals for a recording artist. At that point, I have not had many opportunities to sing harmony. However, singing for that artist was one of the best experiences of my life. I was a little intimidated working with such gifted musicians, but I’ll never forget him occasionally flashing a smile as he played his guitar onstage, suggesting “You can do this.” Gary continues to include me in every opportunity he can. Gary not only cares about me as he teaches me in the studio, but he cares about me as a person. He started off as my teacher, and now, he is also my lifelong friend. Lessons with Gary continue to serve as my weekly outlet, and I could not more highly recommend anyone. He will push your music beyond what you thought possible, and you will enjoy every minute of it.